The Lord of the Ring

Steve Jobs, Ringmaster

Steve Jobs, Ringmaster

Today in My Imaginary Boyfriend News (well, actually last week in My Imaginary Boyfriend News, but things are always complicated chez Operation Global Media Domination HQ) Gawker reports that Steve Jobs made his stage appearance at … who gives a rat’s ass what it was, like I can afford anything he previewed anyway!

At something…

Without his wedding ring.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, quibble if you must; deny; harangue; make ridiculous claims like “he’s lost a  lot of weight and probably just took it to get re-sized”. Tell yourself whatever lies you need to let you sleep at night.


At last, I’m one step closer to getting a free Macbook!

11 thoughts on “The Lord of the Ring

  1. See? The fear has them too petrified to even comment. He’s all mine, ladies. And anyone who’s seen my cooking knows he’ll be fattened up in no time.

    Jack Daniels qualifies as raw vegan, by the way.

  2. You can see these are from the same time, and his ring in the second picture. Photoshopping, kind like shoplifting, oughta be illegal if you’re going to post crap like this – wtf is this anyway? It’s a waste of time

  3. I must agree on the photoshop. What are the odds he wore the exact same clothes to this thing with a year time difference? Nice try, this is how stupid rumors get started.

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