Hymn to the JesusPhone: iPhone Taboo

apple tablets revealed

See how behind the times I am? The iPhone Taboo video was uploaded to YouTube just over a year ago and I only got my JesusPhone last month! Well, I’ve finally joined the 21st Century at last. While I’d love to have a bunch of clients who pay me with … you know … what do they call it, that stuff … MONEY! Right, right, “money,” that’s what it’s called.


While I’d love to have a bunch of clients pay me with “money” none of the people who currently beg me to work for them seem to have any of that, so instead we have regressed to a primitive barter system: you buy me drinks and you can ask me questions about WordPress until I’ve finished them. You let me stay in your house for a month at Christmas, eating your food, drinking your wine, and annoying your pets and I don’t make fun of the fact you’re still on Blogspot. You give me an iPhone and I will give your blog a good once-over and update things you never even knew you had.

Now all I need is somebody with a liquor store who wants a Twitter account and I’m golden.

All Hail the JesusPhone!

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10 thoughts on “Hymn to the JesusPhone: iPhone Taboo

  1. Just last night I was showing off my sexy iPhone to a guy who was quite sufficiently impressed. Have had it for just over a year now – best Christmas present I ever got (even better than the White Album) – and it never gets old.

    Well, at least until the 4G model comes out…

    Do you have a flat rate for internet or do you use wifi?

  2. I have both a dataplan AND wifi, because there’s no wifi at my home and checking Twitter first thing is important to me; it’s where I keep my social life! But since I spend most of my time either at wifi enabled pubs and restaurants or at work, which has wifi, I’m mostly using the dataplan as a backup.

  3. Not so thrilled with the damned Jesusphone after spending an hour trying to get two albums of Elvis Costello off the computer and onto the phone. Apparently I can move files off the phone onto the computer, but not the other way around. Brilliant, Steve.

  4. Oooh, thanks for that – the Paper Toss game is fabby!

    Have you tried Word Warp Extreme or Scramble 2?

    And if you really want to drive yourself (and the people sitting next to you) nuts, try playing piano with Simon’s Cat.

    I actually prefer twittering on the iPhone, using Twittelator Pro. It has a scroll feature that goes from old to new tweets and frames three tweets per tap. I’ve tried about five other twitter apps and this one is my favourite.

    Did you sort out your iTunes problem? I had the same thing happen when I tried to use my iPod on my smaller laptop. I think it needed to be synchronised? I dunno, never bothered finding out.

  5. No, haven’t sorted the iPhone/iTunes issue. I can’t synch them because that’ll wipe all the songs that are already on the iPhone but not in the iTunes library on the computer. Just to make things even MORE complicated, the iTunes on the computer are from Tanya’s account (she’s the person I bought the computer from) while the phone songs are from Marc’s account.

    With the Zune it’s easy, you just drag and drop from one device to the other.

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