Michael Jackson still dead: update at 11

Michael Jackson for Prostate Health Week

Michael Jackson, polarizing cultural icon, musician, actor, dancer, and child molester, has been dead exactly one year. Despite the worldwide health-focused publicity at the time of the tragic event, some people are only now waking up to “Michael Jacksonism” and realizing what critical health issues they should have addressed long ago.

Like condoms for kindergarteners.

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3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson still dead: update at 11

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  2. Raincoaster still ignorant; update at 11.

    What can be said about someone who gorges on tabloids and accepts mainstream media lock, stock ‘n barrell? Well, he or she has pus for brains.

    Rest in peace, Michael Jackson. You contribute more in one single day of your amazing life than this pus-bucket will do for the rest of his.

  3. Thanks for the luv! Reminder: this post consists of things Michael Jackson fans said to me, so all the hate here is courtesy of you and your ilk.

    Where is the love?

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