and another thing

I saw this embroidered Marilyn Monroe quote done by Rosie Geissler on TheDailyWhat and decided it went perfectly with my Mylene Farmer post from yesterday. Monroe was never the most independent of women, but after a very rocky youth, she did develop a strong sense of self and in her maturity if she chose to be dependent on men, well, it was her choice to make.

Marilyn Monroe would have embroidered more neatly

Goodbye Norma Jean, we never knew you embroidered at all

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12 thoughts on “and another thing

  1. A bit damaged, very sexy, charismatic, but also pathetic and destructive to themselves and most if not all their relationships. Add what we know about what she said and did and you have histrionic personality disorder, a textbook case. Only when seen in the context of hpd does her life begin to make sense.

  2. What a fantastic quote, and so beautifully, simply stitched. I don’t think she was as dependent on men as they were on her. Imagine everyone you come in contact with pays attention to you, ogles you, and wants something from you, you’d start to question everyone’s intentions and motives, and thus want to run from it, or hide from it with drug use, when what you’re really afraid of, deep down, is that you’re not worthy of it, or the attention you’ve become so accustomed to, like a drug, might go away.

    She may have been a bit insecure, who isn’t? But the men in her life were far more insecure than she; they needed her to make them feel like a man.

  3. LW, she was completely dependent on men, and made no bones about it. She was one of those women who truly believe they are not whole without a man. I’m not saying it didn’t go both ways (except for Arthur Miller, from whom she should never have split).

    Ian, I’m beginning to think that personality disorders, mental illnesses, etc are all just adaptive to certain contexts. For being a star, histrionic personality disorder is a PLUS; Jennifer Lopez wouldn’t be half as famous if she weren’t such a self-centered bitch, to the point of complete irrationality.

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