Attention, Stalkers! raincoaster UNMASKED at SMCYVR!

Ha! Little does she know, my alien leaders have given me an EXCELLENT disguise for tonight’s Meet the Geek dinner from Social Media Club Vancouver. I may even get my tentacles did! We don’t have dessert on the menu for tonight (because nobody I know eats it anymore!) but I was thinking of bringing some of these:

cthulhu petit fours om nom nom Iaaaaaaa!

In case you're wondering: yes, THEY ARE BAD FOR YOU

Or perhaps one of these:

Cthulhu Cake

Or this one?

octopus cake

octopus cake, what does it look like?

7 thoughts on “Attention, Stalkers! raincoaster UNMASKED at SMCYVR!

  1. Interesting blog! Funny at times, but provocative most of the times.. :)) And btw, is this what you will treat people with if they come to your unmasking ceremony?? Just kidding, they look scarylicious.. !!

  2. There’s an actual bounty on my head to whoever can find me and who I really am. An email got bounced back to me from a dangerous agent offering money to someone to keep on trying to find me. My stalker told me he has 15 people looking for me and anything they can find on me. I’ve come to the realization that I can never make money in the industry I blog about because it would then reveal my identity.

  3. They want me to go to the police and file a report because it would then mean my personal information gets released to them.

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