Vancouver Sometimes Isn’t Awesome

Marketing iz always thrilling

Marketing iz always thrilling

One of my good friends has started a FB thread asking how many people would leave Vancouver if they could, but remain only for family reasons. Quite a lot of people say they would leave if they could. Several of the best people I know have, in fact, left; I myself left to go to Yellowknife last year. And people from outside wonder why.

Wonder no more. Read and learn.

A different friend of mine was welcomed to the board of Vancouver Is Awesome. Great. Awesome. However.

  • Lorraine Murphy Tell them to unBlock me on Twitter. They got awful touchy when I pointed out they Followed Jason Priestly and they blocked me.
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  • Morten Rand-Hendriksen Cool. Congrats.
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  • Wayne Shaddow They blocked you Lorraine? See, this kind of thing worries me. Sounds like a “if you say anything against us, you’ll be blacklisted” thing. Out the window goes the ‘social’.
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  • Lorraine Murphy Yep, they blocked me. They were talking to someone else, and said “Sorry we don’t follow you but we only Follow accounts that list awesome events in Vancouver.” That’s when I asked how many Vancouver events Jason Priestly posts and BAM! Blocked. I get that people can have a bad day. God knows, I get that. But you’ve got to make it right. Or Jason Priestly better start posting events!
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  • Richard Loat Awesome!
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  • Bob Kronbauer

    Lorraine, I blocked you (2 years ago now?) after you randomly knocked me with a few unsolicited snarky remarks. From what I remember I had no interactions with you aside from the times you felt like hurling something at me. I don’t enjoy be

    ing pecked at, so I blocked you. Please move on. It’s been a long time.

    Wayne, please don’t let it worry you. If you were standing in front of me in real life and did the same, a bunch of times, I would block you with my hand and then walk away and likely avoid having interactions with you in the future. Like blocking on Twitter. “Social” online means the same to me as social in person, and I don’t socialize by hurling snarky remarks at people before I even properly introduce myself. That’s called heckling.

    Anyway… this board of advisors is SO AWESOME and I am honoured to have you on board, Rebecca.

    You are, of course, free to Like or Dislike, but you may do so whether or not Jason Priestley ( who is by all accounts a decent guy) approves or not.

Operation Global Media Domination: the Cocktail Situation

As someone who knows me (all too) well said, now I will be utterly impossible to live with: It will totally go to my head (or at least two or three of them will):

So there you have it: not only did Social Media Club Vancouver have a totally successful Meet the Geek dinner tonight (superthanks to Melody Fury of Vancouver Food Tour) but Operation Global Media Domination got the ultimate accolade: a tribute in booze and nomenclature. Can there be any higher? I think not! And not just because I’ve been drinking!

So, there you have it: a raincoaster cocktail is:

1 oz Gin (Hendricks, Plymouth, Broker’s, Old Raj, Beefeater)

0.5 oz Lillet Blanc

0.5 oz Cointreau

0.5 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

barspoon of Absinthe

stir, strain, add lemon zest (and Jay Jones always adds a great wide swath; none of your chintzy ribbons for him!).

Then, if you’re like me, you show it off to everyone at the bar and offer them sips of “your” cocktail and then before you or anyone who didn’t yet get a sip knows it, you’re staring into the bottom of your beautiful, vintage cocktail glass with the chipped gold rim, and there’s nothing down there but lemon zest and the dregs of regret. Ah, socialism! Perhaps I should cultivate a fondness for vodka instead?

Dorothy Parker, who really looks more Doloresy here

Dorothy Parker, who really looks more Doloresy here

Attention, Stalkers! raincoaster UNMASKED at SMCYVR!

Ha! Little does she know, my alien leaders have given me an EXCELLENT disguise for tonight’s Meet the Geek dinner from Social Media Club Vancouver. I may even get my tentacles did! We don’t have dessert on the menu for tonight (because nobody I know eats it anymore!) but I was thinking of bringing some of these:

cthulhu petit fours om nom nom Iaaaaaaa!

In case you're wondering: yes, THEY ARE BAD FOR YOU

Or perhaps one of these:

Cthulhu Cake

Or this one?

octopus cake

octopus cake, what does it look like?