Photos from Occupy Vancouver first night/second morning

Since Flickr will neither allow them to be viewable to the general public nor respond with anything like a solution via Support, I’ve decided to go ahead and upload all the photos here instead. Buh-bye Flickr!

You can read what I had to say about the evening in this previous post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there’s my WordPress-specific slideshow from the Saturday night to Sunday Morning of Occupy Vancouver. I meant to get down there last night as well, but instead I blew up my friend’s blog and had to spend much time recreating it at (note to bloggers: DO YOUR BACKUPS!!!! Or you make the babby raincoaster cry).

Once again, however, the best shots are not mine. The BEST shot is this, from Jazmin Miranda:

Donald Sutherland is Canada's Spirit Animal

Donald Sutherland is Canada's Spirit Animal

13 thoughts on “Photos from Occupy Vancouver first night/second morning

  1. He’s just so cool. I hope he inspires a lot of people.

    The head of Rage Against the Machine has said he’ll be at Occupy Vancouver on Wednesday, too. Hope that brings new life to the movement. At least the weather’s holding.

  2. There’s a certain irony here in the fact that Sutherland has played some pretty “insider” types in his career, notably a conspiracy-fatigued informer/technocrat in Stone’s JFK

  3. You were there?!?!?!?!?!?! Well, any time after about 10pm come see me at the Starbucks on the North side of Robson and Thurlow. I’m always there getting my blogging done. Would it be okay if I put some of the pix here?

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