The Weekend Effect

Reverse Dandelion

Reverse Dandelion

I’m feeling somewhat blown myself, recently. Between work burnout and working out burnout, it’s been a very, very tough week. Hopefully the weekend will have this effect on me. I could use some help getting myself back together lately.

Because Monday, I have to come back 100%, and thanks to the timelines of other people, I have to do it by 4am.

8 thoughts on “The Weekend Effect

  1. Sundays are the greatest for getting yourself together, huh? You can read the paper, watch sports, go for a walk, go to the gym. You can forget the workweek by sleeping through the day at one extreme, or punishing your body through intense workouts at the other. God bless the sabbath!

  2. Thanks. I WISH I could take Sunday off, but my first story has to be filed by 4am Monday, which means if I want it timely I have to write it Sunday night. And there’s a big story that’s a week overdue I’d like to put in Monday as well… sigh. Wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t work Fridays too, but I do. And I’m PART-TIME!

    Do I sound bitter? Moi?

    Thanks, Val.

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  5. Maybe you should just break down, promise Matt you’ll never do it ever again, and apply for a HapEng job… you could be in a hash bar right now:

    Here in Amsterdam we’ve already put one full day of work behind us, and are about to launch into day two. Examining sign-up processes, forum management, training and support documents…

  6. I live in Vancouver: I could be in one now. Besides, I’m actually enjoying my job, I just wish they’d pay me on time. Have an epic What I Did Today post coming up.

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