Youth Community Food Forest Illegally Destroyed by Business Owner

So, who do I know who knows this David Hollands? Well, it doesn’t really matter: I know Anonymous.

Sleep well, David Hollands. Sleep well.

For now.

radicle beets


The Purple Thistle Food Forest, a 2-year-old youth collective permaculture garden in East Vancouver, has been illegally destroyed by neighbouring building owner David Hollands. The food forest is predominantly located on city land, with a small section on Hollands property. In the fall, Hollands demanded that the young gardeners evict his property by November 1st. The gardeners complied, removing approximately a dozen trees from along the wall of his building, and followed up by sending him a confirmation email and also asking that he respect the rest of the food forest, located on city property, and allow it to grow in peace.

Last week Purple Thistle gardeners visited the site and found the entire food forest destroyed, with irrigation chopped up, all the plants removed, and trees uprooted and left in buckets. All this without notification. They know this to be the actions of Hollands, as several weeks prior they intercepted a…

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One thought on “Youth Community Food Forest Illegally Destroyed by Business Owner

  1. Well, isn’t that nice? Once the word got out (in a MAJOR way) the perp has suddenly had a change of heart and volunteered to pay for damages. Good. He’ll never know how close he was to getting Anonymous unleashed on his ass.

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