Safety Tips: Phone Safety in a Pandemic

An important piece of advice for visible minorities, as racist attacks increase throughout this pandemic.


This important phone safety tip comes to us from Facebook, specifically the account of Benjamin Luk. We thought it was worth passing along, as racist attacks increase through the Covid Crisis.

For your safety right now, and especially if you’re a visible minority, it’s currently advisable to always keep some free space on your phone. If you’re attacked, any video evidence you can generate might be the difference between your attacker walking free, or them getting convicted.

As much as I believe in the police, it’s true that they need evidence tied up in a nice little bow for them. That’s why we’ve turned to reporters to bring down people like Josh Liu and Carla Waldman.

Naturally, there’s risk associated with recording your attackers. Please make your safety the #1 priority.

Just know you’re fighting the good fight. The world has good people in it, and we’ll help make…

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