Hvacrpro takes us on a Flashback to 2009

It's spam, man

It’s spam, man

Ah, AutoDM spam! That takes me back; back all the way to 2009. Mariah Carey wants to know what love is. The Glee cast found somebody to love. Alicia Keys and Jay-Z were in an Empire state of mind.

And spammers had just discovered Twitter.

The revolting Auto-DM, in which a marketer automatically privately messages some “Like us on Facebook and ask me about MLM marketing” garbage, is a noxious remnant of that time, clinging to its loathsomely recrudescent existence with brittle, shattered claws, refusing to let go, refusing to acknowledge that, in fact, it is noxious spam.

And today I got one.

Now, I’m not cruel. Okay, sometimes I’m not cruel. And people do get hacked, do authorize apps which then go bad and start DMing spam. So I generally give them a heads-up along the lines of “oh, and did you mean to send that spam?”

And so it was on Twitter today, when I got an autoDM from @Hvacrpro, a self-proclaimed “World Shaper, Media Shaker,Game Changer & Innovator’ Progressive Democratic Union Party. Love my Country, & Christian, Live2Tweet&Love2Live,Teabagger whisperer” and Blogspot blogger. Oooh, colour me impressed!

It went something like this.


Hvacrpro's avatar
Hvacrpro @Hvacrpro

Hi! You can auto follow back, find unfollowers, unfollow inactive users, check for fake followers, and more FREE at bit.ly/14quajJ


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raincoaster @raincoaster

Or I could become offended by this spam


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Hvacrpro @Hvacrpro

spam is sales, promotion and marketing… this is not the same its an automated message, get with the times.


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Hvacrpro @Hvacrpro

research before u put your foot into your mouth.


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Hvacrpro @Hvacrpro


Whereupon I unfollowed him, wondering what in the UNIVERSE had ever induced me to follow somebody who thought self-righteous spam, insults and “:P” were advanced marketing techniques.

Not exactly sure what his brand of “conservative corporatism” is meant to conserve, but I don’t know many corporations who’d be happy to admit they’d hired this loosaire.

Tecksupport Wars: It’s ON!

Just another Thursday night in the technical support forum:



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Posted: Friday, June 6th, 2008 at 6:21 am

6 Responses to “FRee SMS Service”

  1. rechal Member June 6th, 2008 at 6:24 am

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  3. raincoaster Member June 6th, 2008 at 6:29 am

    o, u not rechel rey. u rectal insted.
moar tu cum I’m shoor.

What’s your spammer name?


Makes total sense to me:

My Spammer Name is:

Meningitis G. Switchgear.
(What’s your spammer name?)

Stolen from SeismicTwitch

Now the question becomes, what do I spam for? I’m thinking Canadian pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories for overheated engines?

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