Horse-O-Phonic 8-track saddlebag system

Horse-O-PhonicHey, is that Ann Coulter?

Nope, but it’s from the same era.

According to this post on the Bridlepath, this fellow and his horse, both equipped with long. luxuriant manes, are big fans of Seventies music. On their treks through the Italian countryside, they could not be without their precious tunes.

But there was a problem. Really, isn’t there always some kind of problem with Lynyrd Skynyrd on horse treks in Italy? Well exactly.

You see, Francesco‘s system only played 8-track tapes, the kind that were discontinued in the early 80’s. But Francesco‘s horse was unequipped, even with an iPod. Francesco, however, was not easily put off, as you can imagine by the fact that you are still reading this, and eventually our devoted Yes fanatic managed to jury-rig the most monstrous stereophonic monstrosity ever to hang off the flanks of a sturdy European warmblood.

Hi, I’ve taken a photo of the horsephonic mounted, note that there’s no saddle as I’ve sold it to a friend 4 years ago, so the components are not very well positioned and the breeching behind the haunches is a bit too low, however, I’ve turned the thing on and played one program while I was posing. The antenna is actually non functional in this photo, and I’ve used it only two times when I used the FM tuner cartridge (that now is disassembled in a tin can due to a tuning cord breakage) However, here you can see what the horsephonic looked when I walked through small towns and countryside with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Boston, Christie and other similar cool tapes playing loud.   

4 thoughts on “Horse-O-Phonic 8-track saddlebag system

  1. Well thank god for that. What would this guy have done if he had to ride through all that beautiful countryside and listen to nothin’ but–nature sounds?

    I’m so sick and tired of wire-heads who can’t hack having to spend ten minutes alone with their thoughts on the skytrain. This clown is no better than those @$$#0₤€$ who drive down main street with their bass blowing out the shop windows. Or sit vacuously on Skytrain with their treble sneaking out of their ears and into yours.

    One of the few cheery things about the prospect of an atomic attack is that perhaps the electromagnetic pulse would travel along the wires and fry the brains of these iPod-addicted morons who can’t be separated from their precious black-eyed peas for more than a second–including while driving.

    Sorry, was that vicious? Was that bitter?

    Too damn bad, I guess.

    I wonder if the villages through which Francesco passes with Free Bird wailing feel as happy as he does about it?

    Hell–how does the horse feel?

  2. Hey–It’s not the music I object to. It’s the method of delivery. I enjoy rocking out. But I don’t inflict my choices on innocent bystanders.

    Wonder what would happen if I chased a bunch of skaters around playing Barry Manilow at top volume?

    More importantly, how long would it take me to beg for a quick, clean death if someone actually played Barry Manilow at top volume?

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