Operation Global Media Domination: the avatar and blogworth situation

TIASee my lovely new avatar? WordPress has just added a feature that allows you to upload an avatar which appears in “Latest Posts” and also on the forum when you post a question or response.

I know you’ve seen it before: it’s my icon for Operation Global Media Domination, my relentless pursuit of fame across the blogosphere. If you’re American, you may have seen it even earlier than that, when it was the logo for the US government Office of Total Information Awareness. Nice, eh, and not at all Orwellian. Wasn’t he an immigrant? Don’t worry, at some point someone grew a set of brains and deep-sixed the Office and its logo, at least publicly.

I should really co-opt their motto, too, “Scienta est potentia,” Latin for “Knowledge is power.”

In any case, now that I have a logo and a motto (49 degrees latitude, 360 degrees attitude! fits me so well!) I should be all set to conquer planets, beginning with Pluto, for lo, it will love me because I called it a planet and will fall willingly, at least after a couple of good, strong girly drinks.

I’ve already started playing one blogworth counter against another. Surfing Latests Posts today, I came across a post called “How Much is Your Blog Worth,” which, given recent events, was bound to attract a laserlike focus from moi. It’s from Gauravonomics, and introduces a much more sophisticated blogworth calculator than the aforementioned Pingoat‘s.

Inspired by Tristan Louis’s research into the value of each link to Weblogs IncDane Carlson of Business Opportunities has created this little applet using Technorati’s API which computes and displays a blog’s worth using the same link to dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc deal.

Which is hella inflated, but enough about that. It says this blog is worth $30,000+, so do I give a rat’s ass that the numbers are puffy? Hell to the no! I’m not a buyer.

Wonder how soon someone will factor in blogger book deals. I say give MediaBistro four months, Huffpo maybe four weeks. Too much fun for those underemployed, think-tanking economists to play with. They will be powerless to resist!

7 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: the avatar and blogworth situation

  1. Y’know, you should stop these self-and-stat-obsessed posts. T’ain’t healthy, y’know.

    Get back to the business of pissing off Albanians–that drives serious comment.

    Oh–and squid.

    Via Boingboing. Don’t say I never did nothin’ for ya.

  2. Already got some Albanian “poeples” mad at me. You shoulda seen what I put on Gawker three hours ago!

    And Laughing Squid have already linked to me twice. Do try to keep up, although I know it’s hard out in the boondocks.

  3. Well surfing the ‘net from a hot tub is dangerous, especially with one hand wrapped around a nice glass of whatever you like best. So we’ve had to develop this thing called a “real life”. Don’t know if you’ve ever tried it … ?

  4. Well the bottles they put wine in aren’t single-serving size, or so the wife assures me. And I’m sort-of off beer at the moment–although I should point out that beer comes both in glass and sans stem.

    As for what I like best, I was making a specific reference. For the hard-of-thinking I should perhaps have written “… a nice glass of whatever it is you like best that might be reasonably expected to fit into a standard type of drinking glass … ” and provided examples.

    PS: Speaking of HOT, isn’t threatening grievious bodily harm for revealing the name of an easily searchable newsmaking town of our common cognizance taking it rather too far? Your readers might be able to follow a fairly straight line from “A” to “B” via “G”, no?

  5. They might, but if you knew as much about click-through habits as I do, you’d know it’s relatively safe. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s a firm policy to link to my sources, I’d never have put the link to the article there in the first place.
    And I’m always threatening grievious bodily harm to people who wear jumpsuits and shout “Where’s the disco”, particularly when they park their Escalades in the wheelway lanes. Nothing new there.

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