Flying Spaghetti Monster an imperialist plot by the military-industrial complex?

FSM manifestation over the Persian Gulf

The rocket-like rise of the radical new religion of Pastafarianism has seemed, at times, to be a much-needed antidote to the innumerable arteriosclerotic orthodoxies which hold us helpless in their grasp. But today new footage has surfaced, footage that leads us to question all we know about the so-called scrappy little altera-faith that could.

Is the Flying Spaghetti Monster and, indeed, all of Pastafarianism, nothing more than another control-minded plot of the Cryptocracy? As this devastating footage shows, manifestations of the so-called Noodly One in the sky have been created as part of a program using C-130 American military aircraft and their so-called “Angel Defence” system. Truly, it is a shockingly Orwellian society in which we find ourselves, where even the alternative beliefs are simply those manufactured by the government to distract us from the chafing of our chains. FSM an imperialist plot!
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8 thoughts on “Flying Spaghetti Monster an imperialist plot by the military-industrial complex?

  1. It is indeed a plot–a plot to undermine Pastafarianism.

    The unseen army who fight us seek to weaken our faith by presenting “logical” and “sensible” reasons why the FSM (Ra-men) cannot be.

    On the extreme end are people who would have us believe that the FSM is some sort of plot to wean people away from their logical and sensible belief in Christianism, Islamism, Jewishism, Hindism, or Bud-ism (which though related to pastafarianism is strictly and sinfully vegetarian in nature).

    This photo is a clear fake. The Illuminati would have us believe that the aircraft in the picture somehow “caused” the appearance of the FSM (Ra-men). Nothing could be further from the truth. The FSM (The Alpha-ghetti and the Omega) was simply asking for directions to a midget who was nearby.

  2. Have you seen the video, Metro? Like the Zapruder film, it is a document which will forever change the world we know. How easy it is to cry “fake” when one hasn’t evaluated the evidence on the merits, as indeed you have not. Orzo it seems.

  3. The so-called “tape” is clearly faked. The points of light streaking from the aircraft just prior to the appearance of the FSM (may his noodly appendage touch us all) were missiles, deployed in a vain attempt to do away with Him before he could manifest himself to ask the way to the midget.

  4. i may yet convert… this Flying Spaghetti Monster seems to be everywhere… but what make of you the Penne… sometimes they come with vodka… is that some sort of pass into the Pastafarianism pantheon… maybe the Dyonisius of bunch?

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