Canada vs Coulter, age 45

Canada wins, with a smackdown. And don’t give me none o’ that “but there were Canadians there as observers, there were Canadians who left to join the US Army” shit. Yes indeed, but (once more, loudly, for the people drooling in the back row):


as Ann Coulter, 45, learns to her dismay, confusion and, of course, ongoing refusal to face facts.

from, of all places, Perez Hilton, who has always been good to Canuckistan.

6 thoughts on “Canada vs Coulter, age 45

  1. Oh. THAT’S Ann Coulter. I keep stumbling across her on the net. And blinking in disbelief.

    Glad to see she’s as verbally uninformed as she is intellectually challenged.

  2. Let’s see . . . despite my status as an independent moderate (which makes me a baby-eating, decline-and-fall-of-American-civilization liberal in Ann Coulter’s world view), even I know that only Australia and South Korea supplied the only foreign troops that joined American forces in combat in Vietnam.

    Ann Coulter – what a silly bunt.

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