Operation Global Media Domination: not goodbye, but au revoir

TIAand here I am again!

Thankfully, it appears that none of you particularly missed me. Hits took a slight dip on Friday, as they always do, but you came back like swallows to Capistrano or, more likely, alcoholics to the saloon, on Sunday. For this I can thank Mark FoleyMark Foley, Mark Foley, Mark Foley, Mark Foley, the trailer for 300, Ohio Northern University, the FW 109, Colin McEnroe’s Blogging On class at Trinity College in Hartford, CT, Technorati‘s front page (finally broke the top 30,000!), and Steve Irwin, who is still dead at 44.

Note, if you will, that my post about Foley‘s IM transcripts, which quotes from and links to ABC‘s complete transcript, actually outranks the ABC post it refers to in searches on ABC.com.

I don’t know what WordPress is drinking, but I’ll have one!

2 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: not goodbye, but au revoir

  1. Awww, thanks. If I weren’t so wiped and behind in my actual work, I’d post some more tonight. As it is, this will have to do.

    I am unspeakably thrilled with my Technorati promotion, even though they’re still not picking up half the links they should. Ah well, I shall take what I can get.

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