shrimp on a treadmill

Just what it says. You’ve had shrimp on a bed of rice, so go wild, kick the jambs out and try shrimp on a treadmill.

This isn’t the scholarly, narrated, boring version of the video, the one linked to by everybody and his brother the Total Farker. Naw, it’s the colourized, Flight of the Bumblebee-scored, cheaply amusing version, just as you’d expect from the ol’ raincoaster blog.

And this concludes Cthulhu Day.

Oh, one more thing.


The Parsnip that bubbles and blasphemes at the centre of the pressure cooker forever, or at least until Grandma remembers she left the stove on

13 thoughts on “shrimp on a treadmill

  1. I’m reporting those cruel bastards to PETA. Did anyone ask that poor prawn if it wanted to increase its cardiac health? No, I’ll just bet they didn’t.

    Still, I suppose it could have been worse. They could have scored it with “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”.

    Of course those of us in the know are aware of exactly why the New World Order is breeding faster shrimp …

  2. Nothing about the parsnip? I shoulda expected as much: nobody on the Boris blog’s post about English music got my joke about the Elgar Gods. Sigh.

    Sweatin’ to the Oldies???? Pure genius, Metro, pure genius. Take a bow.

    So, why are they?

  3. Sorry? The parsnip was a little obvious for Cthulu day. “Elgar Gods”? D’you know they still stake people who perpetrate bad puns out on anthills? On shipboard I believe keelhauling is an acceptable substitute.

    And as for the faster shrimp–either you genuinely don’t know, in which case you’d be safer not knowing, or you’re one of the Conspiracy trying to find out how much I know.

    So either way, sorry. Can’t tell ya. Fnord! Or possibly Narf!

    By the way–the next time you line up a bowl of fresh prawns on the bar, wonder for me why they call it a “sand vein” when it’s not a vein, nor is the stuff inside sand.

  4. What’s wrong with bad puns commited out on anthills? and do people also stake people for grammatical jokes? and will they get me for alll these question marks and split infinitives? I just don’t know.
    Anyway, great parsnip.

  5. For the record, I have never perpetrated a bad pun on an ant hill.

    You can spell Fnord, but you can’t spell Cthulhu. For this, you will be cleared off when the Great Old Ones return. We’ll post in your comments section in memory of you.

  6. Congratulations, you’re the very first comment I’ve ever completely deleted! Do you feel special?

    I like that link, thanks! But you’ve got to specify: Allah may hate shrimp, but Cthulhu luvs ’em, so which god we talking about here?

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