breaking news: Cheney’s missing fingers located!

Cheney Bush puppet

Reuters has the full report, but surely this is no suprise to anyone who’s been following the US political situation for the past seven years.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President George W. Bush had five polyps removed during a routine colon cancer test…

Acting Emperor Doctor Evil Dick Cheney had no comment.

He refused to remove his right hand from inside his jacket.

He likewise refused all requests to drink a glass of water while the President was speaking.

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6 thoughts on “breaking news: Cheney’s missing fingers located!

  1. So was Cheney one of the five polyps that was surgically removed from the White House colon? This is a bit much to take first thing in the morning Raincoaster love, I’m still trying to wake up, but then the US political situation has been a bit hard to take for quite a few years now. I do think that Britain, as the ex-colonial power, does bear some responsiblity. I think we should form an alliance of the willing and invade to remove this axis of evil from office, thus bringing the illegal regime running this rogue state back under the rule of Her Maj. Could you please arrange for the loyal forces of Canuckistan to make diversionary incursions from the north while Grenada and the other islands come at them from the south?

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