Life & Style of the Great Old Ones

Rising couple the Nyarlathoteps have previously given our readers a peek at the stunningly exotic landscaping features they’ve installed at their new Miami mansion. Now come with us as they take us on an exclusive tour of the interior of their eldritch neo-Aegyptian hideaway.

Coffee Set

Their handpainted china, commissioned from a secret Asian workshop “somewhere on the Plateau of Leng.”

Alien Coffee Table

Their custom-designed bibelots tables from “the Dark Star beyond Aldebaran,” which is a label so exclusive it is one of which we at L&S have never heard. How exciting!

Angel of the Apocalypse

Their most unusual garden fixtures. This is their play structure for “the frolics” by which we take it to mean they’re planning on having many little Nyarlathoteps soon.

“Oh yes,” says Mr. Nyarlathotep (call me Abdul, he says to our interviewer, graciously) “We are planning to have many, many children, aren’t we, Shub?”

And his wife smiles inscrutably as she strokes one of their collection of sleek, black cats.

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10 thoughts on “Life & Style of the Great Old Ones

  1. Stonehenge is totally feng shui. It is natural structures and textures aligned to the sun and natural surrounding elements spatially separated for good energy flow and aesthetically arranged.

    That is very different from razor edged knifey metal structures jutting into the sun and shooting killing edges at garden visitors and alien coffee tables depicting highly aggressive creatures with acid for blood that want to eat you from the inside out and disgorged human body parts on tableware. [wink]

  2. Yeah, but you add the living human sacrifice tied, screaming, to the central altar and the whole feng shui goes whacko. As I am forever telling my “neo-Druid” friends.

    If you click on the image to go to the website you see that not only do they jut metal into the air, but each metal fang also shoots flame. It’s all very 21st Century Hippie.

  3. Phallic symbols – burning phallic symbols!
    The trouble with human sacrifices is that if you don’t hogtie them they crawl off the altar.

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