Daniel Radcliffe is hung like a horse (pic)


Daniel Radcliffe in Equus


Hat tip for the tipoff to With Malice

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38 thoughts on “Daniel Radcliffe is hung like a horse (pic)

  1. oooh *gaffaw* Could that guy get any punier? Bletch.

    My daughter thinks he is hot. Thats fine with me, she will be bringing home scared little geeks that I can intimate with my Ninja mask thanks to you!

  2. magneto bold, maybe those little geeks like that! You could become quite popular among a certain crowd.

    Metro: I don’t know, but am willing to “play-test” to find out. When are you sending him over?

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  5. Why is it that every time I turn around Harry Potter is always in various stages of undress? My, what a perv he is!

    And how old is the boy? Or is a man now?

  6. I should have known you weren’t posting these pics for your health! Good God, woman, I think Tony Blair is more your style…but Radcliffe?

    Well. Even if he’s young, he has fur.

  7. Let me rephrase that – he IS young, but even if he’s underage, at least he has fur. Lots of it.

    I remember dating a guy much older than me when I was in junior high…he used to call me “bald eagle.”

    That jerk.

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  9. hiraincoaster etc etc the stephen shelter where i have been stAying for the last feqw weeks few wes never received the other phone call from jerry sprinrry springer or assoc prod much to the dissappointment to the entire shelter all of the homeless but especially myself aand three other guys i selected to come with me and a couple of others who were more than willing to goo however we are still ea\\waiting hopefully if no answer from jerry will return to vegas in a few days gd

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