Brian Atene: the backstory

This is his best yet, although it is entirely lacking in that trademark zany WTF-ness we’ve come to know and love (?). If you’ve ever wondered what was the point of Brian Atene, grab a bottle of Coppola Rosso and watch this. And not just because he namechecked me!

Ah, he took it down AGAIN: embedding disabled by request. Oh, fine, BE that way. Here’s the link:

17 thoughts on “Brian Atene: the backstory

  1. Regenachterbahn!

    Why did you take raincoaster roulette off? You have no idea how depressed that makes me. That was my number one anxiety killer! Now I have to go back to wellbutrin.

  2. @ Silverstar: you have to trust raincoaster. Watch it all the way to the end. It’s sweet and moving, really.

    @ Naraia: I thought the sidebar was getting too crowded. Shall re-instate raincoaster roulette on the condition that you leave a comment on every YouTube post that the YouTube no longer works in, deal?

  3. Well, that stuff he likes is twenty something a bottle up here, so he’ll have to buy if he expects me to drink it. I’m still waiting on that autograph, though.

    And the hoodie from WordPress. Men! They love to keep me waiting.

  4. Hmmm, this one was like a standard two year-old bottle of vin ordinaire. A trifle off in the nose and a lack of after taste but with a little much acid at the front. There was no complexity in the aromas.
    In some ways he reminded more of a certain Blue Parrot from Norway than a quaffable (or even affable) drinking companion.

  5. That’s quite possible; I’ve always suspected you hide behind that fur curtain to spare the ladies the bother of chasing a man who’s already spoken for, and very kind of you it is.

    But Brian Atene is a hottie!

  6. Brian?
    We get it. We really get it.
    You’re despondent, hypochondriacal, bummed and disheartened.
    Jesus Christ, is he ever!
    Join the fucking club, buddy.
    I’m the vice-president.
    I have to go and re-grout some tile in the bathroom.
    Please excuse me.

  7. In case you’re wondering, that’s no troll: that is actual Brian Atene, so anything you’re saying here you are saying to his face.

    And the same for you, Brian. That’s the real Silverstar, too.

  8. I tried to play the video and got the message: “this video has been removed by the user”. Oh well, you snooze, you lose!

  9. Yes, that’s the problem. He’s like a cat on the doorstep who can’t decide if he wants in or out. He’s deleted so many videos and accounts that I’ve literally stopped trying to fix them, because when I do he deletes the entire account. Not worth my time.

    I don’t know why, but suddenly this post is getting a LOT of hits.

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