Phones for Fearless: Phase II

Read all about it: Donate phones to Fearless like Fearless Donors Carla and Anita from Rain ZinePhones for Fearless is far from finished! With all the great gifts people got over the holidays, we know there will be some used phones, cameras, and other mobile devices kicking around looking for new homes, and we stand ready to provide them!

Donate your old mobile phones to help DTES artists share stories, and tap into life, jobs & family.

How can you help?

  1. Your used mobile phones – preferably with video, camera, wi-fi
  2. Cash donations (* tax deductible) or new phone donations
  3. Conversation – tell your friends on your blog, twitter, etc. – post a badge, click a Social Bookmarking button to Digg, Reddit, Stumble, etc, this post:

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Action Plan:

First, Gather phones!

Collect all the unused mobile phones at your office and home – dig into your boxes of stuff, ask you friends! Digital cameras, chargers, bike/helmet mounts, and spare batteries gratefully accepted too.

Next, Drop off the Phones Tuesday, December 30th at:

  • Raincity Studios – 1 Alexander St. @ Water st. Come by and drop off phones, send a New Year’s message and get your picture taken with your donation! Because why should good deeds go unrecognized? Join our gallery of Fearless Supporters!

Or send by Postal Mail to:

Fearless City


PO Box 88023

418 Main St

Vancouver, BC V6A 4A4


  • Remove your chip, and clear your contacts before donating (all phones will be completely cleared before released).
  • Please include chargers and accessories – used digital cameras also welcome
  • Unusable phones will be donated to FreeGeek for reuse and recycling

Who is Fearless?

Donate phones to Fearless to help Vancouver downtown eastside artists and residents

Fearless is a Vancouver Non-Profit group using mobile technology to provide tools, resources, and cultural outreach to artists and residents in the improverished Downtown Eastside neighbourhood. Fearless is a project of the DTES Community Arts Network (CAN).
You can follow us on Twitter: Fearless City
Subscribe to our feed: Homepage Feed, or All Content Feed
email: info (at) fearlessmedia (dot) ca
Phone/SMS: 604.644.4349
Voice mail: 604.682.3269 xt 8320


Thank you for your support!

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<a href=”; target=”_blank”>Donate used mobile phones to help DTES residents and artists at</a>

10 thoughts on “Phones for Fearless: Phase II

  1. Well done on this Post – sorry je n’ai pas de Mobile Phone – don’t really approve of these frighteningly MODERN & YOUTHFUL devices

    Forget the Stats

    Focus on the Puns and the Coffers

    Happy New Year to her Grace, the Lady ApillihP and the outRAGEously witty EihCrA …. and the persistently interesting Monsieur Metro et Senor FFE

    I remain your obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

  2. Happy new year Herr Eagle!!

    Raincoaster – I no longer delight in growing fungi, I have developed a new hobby; watching fruit flies drown themselves in red wine. Hours of fun.

  3. Happy New Year to all! We shall resume our regular posting schedule shortly. As you can see, the tentacles are back in force!

    Philipa, if you’ve got fruit flies in January, you’ve got too damn much fruit and veg lying around.

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