Operation Global Media Domination: The Sleep-Deprived Situation

Because it is late/early and I have been up for 30 straight hours and I am somewhat punchy (and, you might have noticed, somewhat crabby lately), I am going to do a lightning round of Operation Global Media Domination.

Look at the searches that brought people to my blog! Mother would be so proud:

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
my first cthulhu 1 More stats
what does a classy whore look like 1 More stats
ovaltine shirts 1 More stats
britney spears handwriting 1 More stats
goatse 1 More stats
fairy 1 More stats


Search Views
fairy 85 More stats
britney sex tape 62 More stats
cthulhu 41 More stats
britney spears sex tape sex tape 28 More stats
audrey hepburn 27 More stats
steve jobs 20 More stats
christian bale remix 14 More stats
siegfried and roy 14 More stats
winona ryder sex 12 More stats
porn slideshow 12

And, yay, I got in the Vancouver Sun’s Digital Life blog with Fearless City. A couple of times, actually, but I’m too lazy/tired to find the Wordcamp Whistler entry. Oh, here I am; wow, even I am impressed my self-promotional instincts outrank my instinct for sleep right now.

5 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: The Sleep-Deprived Situation

  1. I can’t imagine the siegfried and roy ever thought they would end up on top of Wynona Ryder…intersting visual. Perhaps I’ll google that…

  2. No, I’ve actually got a scan of her paper on Antigone around this blog somewhere. Not a bad paper, I’d have given her a solid B, maybe B plus.

    And yeah, interesting visual there. But it looks like someone is looking for an underage Cthulhu hooker; that should worry us more, methinks.

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