Social Media Workshops in Yellowknife

raincoaster media, yo

raincoaster media, yo

Just a quick note that over on raincoaster media and in Facebook I’ve got the announcements up for two new Social Media Workshops, these ones in-person, in Yellowknife at Chef Pierre‘s Aurora Conference Centre.

Social Media for Political Campaigns is Wednesday


Social Media for Business is Thursday. Both run 1-5.

And then at the end of the week I’m headed to Vancouver (via a 17-hour flight, thanks a lot, AIR CANADA!) to speak at Social Media Week on the Blogging Technology Panel, emceeing the Social Good Summit, and participating in the Guerrilla Mashup event.

6 thoughts on “Social Media Workshops in Yellowknife

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  3. 17 hour flight? How is that even possible? My West Coast friends who live in Madrid get home to Cali in 18 hours if they have a 2 hour layover in NY. Are they sending you by way of Atlanta?

  4. I’m going Yellowknife to Edmonton, Edmonton to Kelowna via several hops (a real milk run) then seven hour layover in Kelowna airport, which is the middle of buttfuck nowhere, then to Vancouver. I have heard of one woman who can drive the route in 20 hours. It took my friend 24 hours over two days. I’d happily ride shotgun in a car, but I don’t know anyone going that way.

    AND if I get the job I really want, I’ll have to get myself back here somehow.

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