Hacktivist Target List from the IT Army of Ukraine for June 6

Be sure and check out our semi-regular hacktivist reports from the IT Army of Ukraine.

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Aaaaand we’re back. If the national capital could just keep the power and the internet both running at the same time, being a journalist in Ottawa would be a lot easier. Anyhoodle, let’s get to it, shall we?

For those tuning in late, every morning Ukraine time/middle of the night Ottawa time, the IT Army of Ukraine releases a list of Russian website targets they request help with. They’ve also created a number of cyber-weapons which they make available for download: Death by 1,000 Needles, for instance, automatically updates with each morning’s new target list so you’re always hitting the proper targets.

DDoS attacks like this depend on volume; the more people who participate, the more likely the targets are to be taken offline. And they only remain offline as long as volumes are high. The object here is not to deface, not to destroy, and not to infiltrate…

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IT Army of Ukraine update for May 29

Over on The Cryptosphere I’m posting the daily updates from the IT Army of Ukraine. This is probably the largest hacktivist action in the history of the world, and law enforcement by and large seems to be giving it the green light. Veddy interesting.

The Cryptosphere

We’re back in action after a week offline thanks to extreme weather in Ottawa. Until the next tornado, derecho, ice storm, or what-have-you, we’ll be back and updating target lists issued by the IT Army of Ukraine daily. As always, OPSEC is everything, although law enforcement agencies around the world seem to be giving out hall passes as long as your targets are exclusively Russian (with maybe a sprinkle of Belarussian targets just to shake it up a bit). But it’s best not to rely on the continuing goodwill of law enforcement agencies, particularly in countries which have recently flirted with flat-out oligarchy or worse, so take care that your own security is airtight before engaging in DDoS or any other kind of attack. Tor, then VPN.


Let’s just do this, shall we? All text below exclusive of headings is direct and verbatim from the IT Army of…

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Hacktivist Crew ILIT300 Phone Bombs Russians with Message of Support for #Ukraine

An exclusive interview with ILIT300, a hacktivist crew using spam calling techniques to troll Russians as part of #OpRussia

The Cryptosphere

Ukrainian Hacktivists Create a Phone Bomb in an Attempt to Persuade Russians to Stop Vladimir Putin from Committing War Crimes

Today’s article is an exclusive interview with #OpRussia hacktivist crew ILIT300

by guest reporter Nathan Dimoff.

  • When the Ukrainian government requested assistance from hackers, the amount of cyber assistance received surged.
  • Databases have been leaked, and websites have been taken down or defiled.
  • Hackers are now concentrating their efforts on infrastructure.

·Over the last week, hackers have heard the Ukrainian government pleas for help and have used every arsenal in their power to assist, including targeting Russian infrastructure.

The hacktivist crew known as The International Legion Information Technology Battalion 300 (ILIT300) claimed to have a phone bombing software that was created by Ukrainian hacktivists to send out pleas to Russian citizens in the hopes that they will speak out against the conflict in Ukraine. 

The Cryptosphere got the opportunity…

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Don't mess with the cobra chicken!

The Post-Occupation #Ottawa Briefing Bingo

Welcome back, Possums! The air seems a little fresher today, a little less endiesel-ated. Our castles are bouncier today, theirs less so.

You know who I mean.

A grand total of 42 trucks on Wellington Street. There were only 42 trucks on Wellington Street. I counted, but you can’t hear me over the sound of the trucks.

And, of course, there can be no doubt that our tubs are hotter than theirs.

That’s chlamydia hillbilly soup there on the left.
Fascists don’t care what happens to their footsoldiers. They know there’s another born every minute. When their troops fall, they just leave them there.

Here we go y’all.

Our video, from CPAC, with over four thousand watching live, surely a record:

On Parliament Hill, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holds a news conference. He is joined by Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland as well as ministers David Lametti (justice), Marco Mendicino (public safety) and Bill Blair (emergency preparedness). The House of Commons continues to debate a motion to confirm the government’s declaration of a public-order emergency under the Emergencies Act and is scheduled to vote on the motion later in the evening. The government invoked the Emergencies Act on February 14 as part of an effort to resolve ongoing blockades and protests in several parts of the country.

And here are our bingo cards:

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GiveSendGo #TruckerConvoy2022 Fundraiser Hack

The Fucker Convoy just can’t win. GoFundMe frozen, then taken down. Protonmail workaround turned out to be a terrible idea. GiveSendGo fundraiser? Hacked to oblivion and leaked to the world, along with a lulzy video that I transcribed in full here. Enjoy.

The Cryptosphere

To be clear, this is different from the GiveSendGo leak, reported earlier by Mikael Thalen, who has been all over this story from the word Go. Or GiveSendGo anyway.

To recap: a group of roughly 150 big rig trucks and somewhere over 200 personal vehicles has been “occupying” downtown Ottawa for three weeks now. This hasn’t made much of a dent in the way Ottawa itself works, as most government workers outside of those who actually work in the Parliament buildings work at Tunney’s Pasture and other locations where the real estate is cheaper and less historic. It IS annoying for downtown residents, some of whom endured an attempt by convoyageurs to trap them in an apartment building and set it aflame.

Downtown is also the location for many homeless people, some of whom have been beaten or had their food stolen by convoyistes.

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