Obama’s Secret Plan: the Banksy Initiative!


Already secretly in operation for years, the shadowy movement known as The Banksy Initiative has at last penetrated the highest levels of the US government. From here, it’s a small step to completely pwning the entire transportation infrastructure of all NAFTA-participant nation-states.

You’ve been warned.


Act Locally, Pwn Globally

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Banksy in Bristol

Banksy may or may not be a man; he may or may not be a collective; but he definitely IS my dream man (when you’re a communist, it doesn’t count as an orgy, it counts as “sharing”). Hey, it’s my dream, I can have what I want in it.

Not only did he give me my best-performing post ever, but he also just unveiled this:

Banksy is Putting the MPs into Chimps

Yes, he put the “MPs” into “Chimps.” But without Boris Johnson in the house, there’s a sad shortage of Bonobos to bring teh sex-ay.

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Banksy vs the Streets

Longtime readers of the ol’ raincoaster blog are familiar (perhaps too familiar) with my adoration of Banksy, the Birmingham Bristol street artist who is #1 on my list of “men whom I have no idea what they look like but, whatever, they could have me anyway. in daylight. on Sunday.

And they are equally familiar with my fondness for mashups and radical YouTubeification, so the fact that I’m posting the following video, which combines all of the above, should come as no surprise to anyone but nOObs, and they should just hang out and read and watch what I tell them, dammit!

Banksy vs the Streets remix

pic o’ the day: Performance Art on the Downtown Eastside

Homeboy represent!

Hendrik Beune performance art

It’s Hendrik Beune of Fearless City (among many other affiliations) taking his new chair for a spin. He’s a director of AHA Media, so naturally the universe conspired to provide him with a proper director’s chair. And naturally, being Hendrik, and living as he does on the Downtown Eastside, he decided to turn it the occasion into a spontaneous mobile performance art piece.

Cuz that’s how he rolls, yo.

Phones for Fearless!

Originally posted by UncleWeed over at the Fearless City site. The image was done by Kris Krug and posted on Flickr. This is our campaign announcement for the Phones for Fearless drive. And don’t forget about us after Christmas, while you’re all bonding with your shiny new iPhones! The campaign continues into early January.
And lookie! We’ve got WIDGETS!!!

Donate phones to Fearless to help Vancouver downtown eastside artists and residents
Donate your old mobile phones to help DTES artists share stories, and tap into life, jobs & family

How can you help?
  1. Your used mobile phones – preferably with video, camera, wi-fi
  2. Cash donations (* tax deductible) or new phone donations
  3. Conversation – tell your friends on your blog, twitter, etc. – post a badge
Action Plan:
First, Gather phones!
Collect all the unused mobile phones at your office and home – dig into your boxes of stuff, ask you friends! Digital cameras gratefully accepted too.

Next, Arrange Pick-up:

  • Let us know via Twitter: Fearless City, email: info (at) fearlessmedia (dot) ca, Phone/SMS: 604.644.4349, Voice mail: 604.682.3269 xt 8320
  • We’ll come by on purple Yahoo bikes on Tues. Dec. 23rd & 30th to collect your devices
  • We’ll take your photo, bring treats, and thank you publicly with a link

Or, Drop-off (after Tuesday, 23rd) at:

Want to be a drop-off point? Let us know.

Even send by Postal Mail to:
Fearless City
PO Box 88023
418 Main St
Vancouver, BC V6A 4A4


  • Remove your chip, and clear your contacts before donating (all phones will be completely cleared before released).
  • Please include chargers and accessories – used digital cameras also welcome
  • Unusable phones will be donated to FreeGeek for reuse and recycling

Who is Fearless?

Fearless is a Vancouver Non-Profit group providing tools, resources, and cultural outreach to artists and residents in the improverished Downtown Eastside neighbourhood. Fearless is a project of the DTES Community Arts Network (CAN)

Thank you for your support!
Post a graphic on your site with this handy code snippet (and thanks to Hummingbird604 for help with the very fiddly code):

<a href=”http://www.fearlesscity.ca&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3194/3121575464_8a062db061_m_d.jpg&#8221; /></a><br />
<br />
<a href=”http://www.fearlesscity.ca&#8221; target=”_blank”>Donate used mobile phones to help DTES residents and artists at fearlesscity.ca</a>

If it doesn’t work, check your quotation marks. They have a tendency to go haywire when you paste things into your widgets.