The Hipster Dilemma

the Hipster Dilemma

at least she was pleased the trike was a fixie

Did you ever see that brilliant Steve Martin movie The Jerk? Yeah, it needs a sequel.

and yes, I know I’m all about the YouTubes lately. Maybe on days I don’t get cc’d on 300 emails demanding replies I will have some words left for the blog.

we have no further comment

except that you HAVE to read the last line.


A Valentine!

What is it they say? Anything more than a handful is a waste? I’m sure this is what they’re talking about.

Peggy and Viola Valentine

Order Now! This Offer is Unrepeatable!

Hell, this offer is nearly unspeakable! Particularly after the Snuggie Lawyers (TM) get ahold of it!

Plagued by drafts? Chilled to the bone? Frozen out by business contacts, loved ones and fantasy objects alike? Just work it, using the patented technology and hawt couture of the WTF Blanket!

Yet another item that didn’t make the cut at the parenting blog, for obvious reasons. Well, actually it was the poor little doggie thing. No dog would wear that; they all have too much self-respect!

Oh, wait

Pity poor Cindy the Poodle


Well, what would you call them? Pussy purses? Persian sacks (they ARE pretty hairy). A loathesomely miss-shapen by-product of the unhealthy tendency among the narcissistic childless towards cloying anthropomorphism and blithe possessiveness?

Or you might call them “cute.”  In which case I don’t even want to KNOW you.

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