awwwwww, why don’t *I* get any flamewars?

TIAJeez, I go offline for a lousy four or five days and everybody gets a flamewar except me! Even Boris. Pooey. Phooey, even, and I mean that.

Why don’t I get cool hatemail like the Pastafarians? This one even has several people using the same name to fight one another, like someone with MPD with self-hatred issues. Far more interesting than anything on daytime tv, and yep, the lawyer references flew thick and fast.

Them Christians! They always got a lawyer handy. Mind you, if I wrote comments like that to imaginary beings, I would probably see the wisdom in having someone on retainer, too, if only a psychiatrist.

The Kittens!!! Think of the Kittens!!!

I do believe you are

I do believe you are a fucking retard and I hope you burn in hell. Fuck you and the flying spaghetti monster. Postmodernism is a self defeating concept. Read Josh McDowell’s book for a good overview of what life is truly about you dumbass humanist. You obviously think life is just a big damn joke. Its all for humor and entertainment. I look forward to the day it fucks you right in the ass. Oh the age of the earth doesn’t fucking matter! Technology, hell we’d be better of without it anyways. God is not a flying spaghetti monster because only a human could think up such a dumbass retarded idea like that. Intelligent Design is observable. It does not require faith, it requires the ability to understand what irreducible complexity is along with several other phenomena that has been discovered in Science. Evolution is a conjecture. Of course, an idiot of your brain size would probably believe we came from monkeys…and quite frankly, you are probably the best evidence that Evolutionists have that human beings came from a monkey. I’m still having problems teaching my dog 2+2=4. I hope to someday prove Darwinian philosophy and be able to have my dog recite Shakespeare to me. Then I will believe Evolution is true. Until then….its all a big damn joke. Charles Darwin went insane when he was 28 anyways (didn’t know that did you?) Let me put it this way to you concerning your bologna flying spaghetti monster. If we are created in the image of what you believe God to be, we would look like spaghetti. Common sense is a valuable asset. Lets try this…I’m going to go very sloooooowly for you Bobby. Retarded people…like Bobby Henderson….will burn in hell unless you give your life to Jesus Christ. Life is not hard. Neither is it a joke. But I believe that anybody with a brain the size of a peanut should be exposed for the fraud that the person is. Quite frankly, I do not know why I’m wasting my time…because you are probably too stupid to read this e-mail anyways. At any rate, I have better things to do than point out your circular reasoning within your arguments. You are a disgrace to anything that humanity or your stupid existentialistic philosophy represents.

Casey Powell

Severe Flamewar risk!!!


Unless you want to be sued, take my name off of that message.  Thanks.

Casey Powell

*update 2*

Just take the whole message off of the board!  I gave you no permission to
post that.  I want it off, or I will contact my lawyer.  And that is not a

Casey Powell

*note from Bobby * – I’m not going to take your name off the message.  However, I will henceforth refer to you as either C. Powell or Casey P. so that you remain anonymous.  Additionally, I’ll include your email address here, in case anyone needs to get in touch with you. *

The updates continue through #7, FYI.Flamewar! Don protective equipment!

So why am I posting that, legal threats and email and all? Because I want to siphon off some of this red-hot lava and reap the toasty, litigious benefits for Operation Global Media Domination on the ol’ raincoaster blog, that’s why.

Nobody’s threatened me in days! True, I did get mentioned in connection to a Plagiarist of the Year contest, but it was more in reference to me being ripped off than me ripping anyone off: I’m not eligible to win anything except smug satisfaction, and as everyone knows, I already have plenty of that.

His noodly appendage

Touched by his noodly appendage

A refresher, for anyone who is unacquainted with Pastafarianism and the Flying Spaghetti Monster and is unable to access Wikipedia because he or she is living in, say, Riyadh or, no, that won’t work, a world of his own imagination (yeah, that’ll work; that or his parents’ basement and he doesn’t want them to catch him online past his bedtime), Pastafarianism is the religion founded by a man who noticed that Creationists were using the law to force “equal time” teaching of their theory. He decided, with a self-reliance which would warm the cockles of L.Ron’s heart, if he weren’t dead, that he’d create a cockamamie religious theory and force that into the courts as well, perhaps (in)advertently showing the arbitrary and illogical nature of the Creationists‘ argument for equal time in the first place.

But it’s not like there’s no video.

You show me the Jesus YouTube; then we’ll talk.

19 thoughts on “awwwwww, why don’t *I* get any flamewars?

  1. Raincoaster, did someone really send you that email or did you make it up now? Try t be a bit more understanding, some of these people don’t have passports remember.

  2. No no, they didn’t send it to ME, they sent it to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which is what’s so hilarious.

    Some of these people don’t have the ability to walk on their hind legs unless someone’s holding up a treat. How they can type is anyone’s guess; perhaps their keepers “interpret” grunts and whistles?

  3. “What’s that Lassie?

    A diabetic forest ranger has fallen down an old uranium mine and sustained a greenstick fracture if his right tibia? He’s out of food and water and needs insulin?

    What? He’s only got enough juice in his flashlight batteries for another hour? And he may be suffering from a slight case of radiation poisoning?

    And we’ll have to take the jeep because the creek’s too deep to ford in the Chevvy? And that the Chev has a flat tire anyway? And that that rattling sound might just be a badly-adjusted lifter and not a rod bearing after all?

    And … what’s that girl?

    You say that the materialist dialectic is an invalid circumvention of Cartesian dualism, necessitating a rethinking of the Nietschian concept of the Superman from the viewpoint of non-secular humanism in a spiritual universe?

    Well that’s all well and good Lassie.

    –But what I wanted you to do was fetch the £µ©λing stick!”

  4. And L. Ron is not dead–he just got reborn to Tom and Katie a few weeks ago. Presumably though, he’s reborn without his engram, angiogram, sin-ging-tel-egram or whatever that 10,000-year-old-alien warrior thing inside each of us is called.

    And oh-oh-oho raincoaster, check your mail NOW!

  5. They sent it to the flying spaghetti monster (it looks a bit like a pair of testicles to me) are you serious?

  6. Hey guys, this is Jim Brumann speaking. I work personally with this guy who is claiming the name, “Casey Powell.” Ha…as if. He’s a fraud. His real name is Robert Patrick. He’s even been lying about his name. He is hardly what you would call a Christian too, he’s basically a lying drunk who has nothing better to do with his time except write stupid notes like that. His e-mail is Send him as much junk as you want.

    Jim Brumann ;)

  7. Hello Jim. A big raincoaster welcome to anyone willing to ramp up the drama a notch. May we suggest you also cruise through the archives for anything by AA Gill…those Albanians are right into their flamewars!

  8. Hahaha….good one man. I had a little talkover with my buddy Robert, and he finally came clean. Check out for more information on this latebreaking story. I also actually noted that it was found in Mr. Powell’s personal blog, Sorry, but the leak is out, Mr. Robert Patrick is the guilty party…and now its apparent that even Casey knows the deal.

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  10. Now I cannot believe this. Photobucket TOOK DOWN MY FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER PICTURE.

    That is just ridiculous. That is just appalling. WTF? I think it may be time to lawyer up.

  11. “Touched by his Noodly Appendage” that was the pic they took down. FFS, people. It’s a centuries-old artwork that’s been taught in elementary schools.

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  14. Some of these people don’t have the ability to walk on their hind legs unless someone’s holding up a treat.

    Ahhh ha ha ha*snort* Ohhh hoo ha ha ha *double snort* ohhhie!

    Ah, thanks laughter is sweet.

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