Boris Johnson on webcameron

Stole this from, obviously, webcameron, whose bizarre insistence on iTunes and other commercial players like Realplayer essentially takes what could be a community-building tool, ie video podcasts, and makes it into something that can only be accessed on an individual basis. I don’t see why they want people to put this on their iPods but not their blogs, so being me I have subverted that. (I note that the current one is embeddable, has something changed? The archives can’t be viewed this way it seems, or am I stoned on cold medicine again?)

Besides, I could use a powerful enemy. Hits are down; need a flamewar. Bring it!

UPDATE: They brung it. YouTube killed the video after the Conservative Party yelped about the fact that their message was being freely distributed across the blogosphere. Can’t have that now, can we? 

BTW to all those people who ask me who the hell Boris Johnson is, check it out; he’s the blond one at the end with the bust of Pericles and the housekeeping style incredibly reminiscent of someone you know. Also, he will show you what’s in his drawers. Anything for the party, eh? Those Tories will do anything to get elected, I’m telling you.

10 thoughts on “Boris Johnson on webcameron

  1. Bless Bozzer. I might actually genuinely vote for him if I I lived in his constituency. Maybe not..maybe I actually do care about the politics involved article. Just because he’s so adorably cuddly doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe in some arsehol-esque ideas. Whoa, too many negatives. Anyway, Boris is actually becoming worryingly cool these days (it used to be cult…now the Tory party are actually making posters of him and selling them to students up and down the country).
    Anyway, great Seinfeld style slap bass inserts in between ‘scenes’.
    So I still love that cuddly Boris. I recently watched a documentary in which he spent a whole hour comparing The Roman Empire to the EU..seriously…the man’s a genius.
    (But don’t vote tory..they ARE worse than Labour…even if Labour is pretty damn shit…vote alternative, get us a hung parliament..see if we can get proportional representation and sort out the whole damn system from the ground up)…Oops…didn’t mean to get political there…just wanted to make a few things clear.

  2. Oh, you don’t need to tell me. Boris Johnson’s been in my blogroll from the first moment of this blog, and the first and second comments here were left by Jack Ramsay, a regular there, and Melissa, Boris’ PA.
    Metro will tell you what a horrible namedropper I am, but click back to February and see for yourself. And check out his website: I’m all over it.
    I adore Boris (shhhhh, don’t tell him) but I’d never in a million years vote for the man. I’m an anarchal communist, not a lunatic. And people without private incomes have absolutely no reason to vote Tory. Or Republican, when it comes down to it. None.

    Oh, and Melissa very nicely sent me a signed copy of that book, Dream of Rome (pretty good, too. I reviewed it here). I made the best joke that month or something. All I know is that I blamed it on the bankers. Everybody hates bankers, even worse than lawyers.

  3. Anarchic Communism? I like the idea but its kind of oxymoronic. I know what you mean though and would probably put myself in a very similar position…but I’m sure you’ve guessed that somewhere down the line. Anyway, I shall investigate the old Boris if that’s what you instruct…your wish my command and all that Pie fillin’.

  4. Oxymoronic? Not at all; it’s far closer to Marx’s original ideals than Leninism or anything that descended from that has ever been. Who needs government, who needs private ownership? But then, until we’ve eliminated greed, or found an effective way to prevent against its outbursts, it’s sort of unimplimentable. That’s its only flaw.

  5. Oh I know that really…just winding up. Its just that most people associate Communism with the intermediary state of government being needed to apply the rules (as that’s all that’s ever happened so far). Every forgets the utopian target of a land where it all works out in the end and the government dismantles itself willingly as the people learn how to share.
    This is almost making me cry.

  6. What are you listening to? For some reason all the music players on the computer have gone wonky lately and won’t work, so I’m using the stereo Metro and Master Cowfish gave me to play Cowboy Junkies, Nine Inch Nails, and Primus on random. Very uplifting.

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  8. Then I was listening to Moving Like a Train by Herbert (Matthew, Discoey House stuff..but better than that sounds..much better) and now its Vice Principal by Why? (Left field Oakland Hip Hop Indie…but still better than that might sound). I just have an enormous playlist on Musicmatch (free version) that I constantly hit shuffle on. Keeps on throwing up surprises and I can throw anything I want to listen to into it and it just means it has more chance of coming up again.
    Not that that’s very interesting.
    Incidentally, since I started writing its become Sikh in a baja VW bug by Grandaddy.
    If only it played some Jazz right now I’d feel really eclectic.

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