Operation Global Media Domination: The Cusack Effect


GO on, John, rt anything!

John Cusack will rt anything!


I was gonna let it go. Gosh, you know raincoaster by now: never one to make a fuss over a celebrity, or drop a name (which reminds me, I owe a blog post to my old sparring partner and blog buddy, Boris Johnson, Mayor of London).





You know how it is when it’s over; when something that you once counted upon, day in and day out, dries up and crumbles to ashes, then blows away, leaving nothing more than a giant hole in your stats chart?



Google, didn't we once mean something to each other? I'm even using Chrome!

Google, didn't we once mean something to each other? I'm even using Chrome!


Yeah, like that. So that’s how it’s been chez raincoaster lately, now that Google has dumped me (in an apparently bottomless pit). But I’m not bitter. Not me! No, I’m completely SO over that.

And you know how a situation like this, a dumping followed by a deep depression (just LOOK at it! like I spend hours a day doing…but I’m OVER it, I’m telling you!) can often lead to what is known as a rebound relationship? Well, I’ve got one, and it’s even better than Google and its millions of mindless robots. It’s got a mind of its own (to say the least, and I’ve said a great deal more on the subject from time to time).

Well, I’ve found my rebound: John Fucking Cusack. Suck it, Google. Even The Sister dm’d her congratulations; it’s like I got engaged or something!


That’s right. The Artist Formerly Known as Shockozulu, John Cusack, who is being followed by 262,116 people, is Following 85 people.

One of them is me.

Then he rt’d my post about Paul Newman three times and this happened.


The Cusack Effect

The Cusack Effect


Can’t touch this.

12 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: The Cusack Effect

  1. Mind you, I don’t think he had ANY IDEA how much I talk on Twitter, so I expect an unfollowing promptly, not that I’ll blog about it when it happens.

    Unless Elvis rises from the grave to Follow me and starts rt’ing. Which I don’t rule out entirely.

  2. Very impressive. You’re like 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon. Not that it compares but John Quinones from ABC is only following 19 people, and one of them is me. (They’re both named John so it kind of compares) We’ve tweeted, but he has by no means re-tweeted me…yet. Now, I must look into this John Cusack, we actually have 2 friends in common now.

    Loved the Cusacks in 16 Candles.

  3. Awesome fotoshop of the Say Anything Boombox, is that your handiwork? Not to mention the power-point proof of prowess presentation. I hope he’ll see this, be rightfully flattered and humbled that he now has his own verb, and leave you a comment–but then you’ll never talk to the little people again.

  4. Nah, I already have a shout-out in a video from Brian Fucking Atene, so being Cusacked isn’t going to swell my head.

    Congrats on being Followed by someone so picky. It must be that hawt avatar of yours.

    I got the image on Tumblr. Can’t remember who made it, actually.

  5. Brian who? Just kidding. You’re one of the most grounded and level-headed of the high-level, keepers-of-the-blogs, fanners-of-the-flames I’ve come across, while managing to be the most outrageously provocative tight-rope walker with a genuine, albeit tightly guarded, heart of gold. I think you’re being cheeky about my avatar, (but I’ll take it anyway), otherwise you’d think I’d have more followers were it true. I’m a little depressed that some teen-aged upstart with my name and a facebook profile out-ranks my imdb and Fandango and nytimes.movies profiles on google as of today. What is with that?? I must fix this, but how?

  6. Fandango> Wow, a trip in the Wayback machine, right there.

    Obviously, you need to start a Facebook Fan page for yourself and then invite everyone you’ve ever influenced in your entire life, including old schoolteachers.

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