Mylene Farmer: Que Mon Coeur Lâche

We haven’t had a good Youtube in quite some time (days), nor a good Mylene Farmer youtube in even longer, so here’s a nice little AIDs allegorical one (which should, incidentally, put me back on the top of the Allegory tag page) called Que Mon Coeur Lâche, and which dates from the days in which she was young and pretty and had unfortunate haircuts, ie 1992, as you will see:

And, incidentally, if this doesn’t get me back on the Michael Jackson Haterfan Juggernaut, nothing will.


Bien trop brutal


La dance des corps

L’amour à mort

Amour poison


La peur s’abat

Sur nos ébats

Toi entre nous


Tu t’insinues

Dans nos amours

C’est pas facile

Le plaisir


Ton corps glacé

Quel mauvais ange

Se dérange

Pour crucifier

Mes libertés

Moi pauvre diable

J’ai si mal

Vertige d’amour,

amour blessé

Que mon coeur lâche

Mes rêves

d’amours excentriques

N’ont plus leur strass

Mon stress

d’amour est si triste

Que mon coeur lâche

Mais fais-moi mal

Abuse des liens et des lys

Les temps sont lâches

L’amour a mal

Les temps sont amour plastique

Estelle, Rennes, France


Translation by Paradox

[Some parts of ‘Que mon coeur lache’ are missing in the english version ‘My soul is slashed’, so …]
Too much brutal
the mixing
the dance of bodies
the death of love

poisonous love
the fear beats down
on our frolic

You between us
you seep into
our intercourse

It’s not easy
the pleasure
to tame your iced body

My heart gives up
my dreams of kinky love
do not have paste anymore
my stress about love
is so sad
My heart gives up
please harm me
misuse of bonds and lilies
times are loose
love is in pain
times are plastic love

what nasty angel
came up to crucify my liberties
Me, poor devil
It hurts so much
love fever, hurt love


We old-timers of the intarwebs will recognize a resuscitated meme when we see one; oh yes, this is nothing more nor less than a reworking of that classic of the intertubes, the Hampsterdance. With a significantly more anorexic cast. Sound familiar?

Other examples, through time:

Sadly, none have ever approached the catchiness of the original tune and site: there’s just something about Adsense-laden sidebars that somehow limits the freedom of the ecstatic experience, once shortlisted for Song of the Millennium.

They look suspiciously like Meerkats. Better keep an eye on these buggers.

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Botox Face, by Hedda Lettuce

Yea though I walk through the valley of mashups, I shall fear no dissonance, for I have read the raincoaster blog, and I’ve seen EVERYTHING now.


Presenting, Miss Hedda Lettuce, with the greatest cover (ever so slightly adapted) of Lady Gaga’s Pokerface:


via Irina Slutsky of GeekEntertainmentTV

Still not had enough? How about Kurt Cobain singing backup for…well, just watch:

via Mashable

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