May 10th Anonymous vs Scientology, Round 4

Hmmm, maybe the previous post is some sort of sign?



Hello, leaders of scientology.
We are Anonymous.

We hope you are looking forward to may 10th.

You are the center of attention.
Finally, after all these years, you are getting all the media coverage you could ever ask for.
But there is one problem.
Your ruin is not Anonymous.
your ruin are not corrupted Thetans.
Your ruin are not your Sp’s, but the truth that is driving them, driving us.
Truth is your ultimate ruin.
For truth is not on your side

Founded by a lying science- fiction writer, You rejected truth from early on.
You have locked this door forever. You have turned your back on it.
Now, after years of silence and silencing, we have broken down the gates,
advancing and stomping over your backs.

This you still fail to understand.
You still fail to understand that it was you who brought us upon yourself.
You still fail to understand that we can not be destroyed by your lies.
You still fail to understand drowning our voices with music does not drown reality.
You still fail to understand that we do not fear your troll accounts and silly advertising, your O.S.A blogs and so- called informative websites. For none of these things contain the one most most powerful weapon of all:


It is nothing but more of your bullbaiting, more laughable attempts of intimidation.

You know the rules scientology, and so do we. We knew the game and we played it.
And we have now decided that we have gotten sick of your “Fair Game” policy.
Over ninethousand times you will fail. It’s game over, Scientology.
Your pretty empire took so long to build. Now, with a snap of history’s fingers…
…down it goes.

On may 10th, the fourth wave of global protests will be coming your way.

You simply can not survive the age of information.

Knowledge is free.
we are Anonymous.
we are legion.
we do not forgive.
we do not forget.
expect us.

Anonymous vs Scientology: The Ides of March, a Call to Action

Anonymous has released a new video listing specific charges against the Church of Scientology and calling for action on March 15th. Instructions included, handle with care.

Scientology, beware the Ides of March.

stolen from Gawker

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Anonymous Video: the outtakes!

Anonymous vs Scientology, the video, is a true masterpiece of anarchist art; simultaneously exciting, enticing, and intimidating, it leaves the viewer both appalled and attracted. Or at least it does if you’re the sum total of my circle of friends. So what if they all hated it! It’s MY circle, dammit, so I have super-voting shares, just like Conrad Black.

This is an anarchy and I run it.

In any case, like everything from the creation of humanity to the blogosphere on down, great art is not achieved without a few false starts. For those of you returning from the Anonymous VS Scientology showdown in London today, here is something to keep the buzz going:

the Anonymous vs Scientology video blooper reel!

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