Steve Irwin wants you to get a life!

Seriously, people, you’re freaking me out here. Steve Says Go for a Walk, Mate!Much as I dislike seeing searchers for Mango Porno on my blog, and as tired as I got of Lucy Fucking Gao and her merry band of email forwarders, I’m really quite sick of this now.

Searches that led to my blog yesterday:

beautiful agony 100
watch steve irwin die 73
blackzilla 48
Lucy Gao 43
steve irwin die video 20
beaver shots 17
Stingray killing 17
Steve Irwin die 17
steve irwin video 13
watch steve irwin death video 10

Why doncha watch some nice Star Trek Slash Videos or sumpin’?

2 thoughts on “Steve Irwin wants you to get a life!

  1. Its so wrong that I want to see something that I have never experienced to maybe see what its going to be like. Not to say I will ever get stung by a sting-ray, but maybe I get drunk and I might find a rope tied to a tree and it swings off into a good sized river, what if I jump into the river and I getted stabbed in the chest by a sharp river stick, is it gonna hurt, am I going to say something, or am I going to feel agnonizing pain and not be able to move….. plus Steve knew that pulling that barb out did nothing for his health, probably ripped his heart all up on the way out and thats what killed him. He could have said something if he left the barb in, but he didn’t. Hmmmmmmmm why the fuck do I wanna see him die, I do not know matter-of-fact don’t give a good poopshoot squirrely. My bad!

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