operation global media domination: the rise of the Castoridaeian meme

TIAIn other words, the beaver shot as bellweather of the blogosphere.

You may have heard, if you’re not actually dead or offline (and what’s the difference, really?) that Britney Spears has been celebrating her recent weight loss and the birth of her second child by allowing her adoring public to check out the actual birth canal, with and without turquoise cooch-cosy.

This has the blogosphere in quite a tizzy. Unlike with the popularizer of beaver fever, Lindsay Lohan, Britney‘s snatch has been generally assumed to be off-limits, since at first she claimed it was unused, then claimed it belonged to Timberlake, and then to Federline. Now, it belongs to the people.

And what does this have to do with raincoaster’s Operation Global Media Domination? Just this: a rising skirt lifts all blogs, and my post of Lori‘s several months old beaver shots are one of the top posts on WordPress right now. Metro must be so proud. God knows, I’ll take the hits; I transcended dignity a very long time ago. I may be a joke, but I’m a PROUD one! Apparently, this particular post is #3 on Google when you search for “Beaver shots”.

Search results that led here for the past two days:

brittany spears beaver shot 15
britney beaver shot 9
beautiful agony 8
“beautiful Agony” 5
steve irwin death video 4
KKKramer shirt 3
blackzilla 3
spears beaver shot 3
beaver shots 2
Britney Spears beaver shots 2

Search Views
britney beaver shot 118
beautiful agony 102
Steve Irwin Death video 56
beaver shots 39
britney beaver shots 35
brittany Spears beaver shot 30
britney spears beaver shots 27
spears beaver shot 24
reverend ted 22
blackzilla 20

In unrelated news, Jesus’ General made my day, week, month, and year by telling me in an email that he likes my blog.


7 thoughts on “operation global media domination: the rise of the Castoridaeian meme

  1. I have no idea who Reverend Ted is, except that some people call Ted Whatsisname, the disgraced pervy born-aginner Reverend Ted. It seems one of Clooney’s pals is using it as a nom de prank, though.

    What was the name of that old priest who used to be on SNL like twenty years ago? He was funny.

  2. Very amusing. Now someone explain why the “associated videos” that are offered when that clip ends are all Woody Allen. He’s not so all up on the Catholic Church, I thought.

  3. Holy shit, that’s impressive that JG reads your blog. His writing is awesome.

    she claimed it was unused, then claimed it belonged to Timberlake, and then to Federline. Now, it belongs to the people.

    Democracy at work.

    I’m waiting for one of the slut-lettes to really generate some newsworthy content and stop waxing.

  4. I swear to god, I came when I read his email.

    Agreed, slickskin is so 2004. I bet Lindsay will be the first to show off her fur. Got to do something to regain the advantage; she’s probably at a gay sex emporium right now, flipping through merkin samples.

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