Operation Global Media Domination: the Flamewar Situation

Saint Mary MartiniFlamewar A seems to be dying out, but only because WordPress.com staff stepped in and stomped on it. Awwwww, how am I supposed to get a good, condescending flamewar going and develop my patented Snarky Martyr image when people are closing threads on me?

PS: I do indeed have a secret back channel to staff. I use the Support form on the dashboard or I email support. See how tricksy I am? Not everybody has those kinds of strings to pull, that’s for sure: only 1.75 million WordPress bloggers. Sheesh!

And I do not say that lightly! Sheesh! Sheesh!

Precious MomentsT’was real good for hits for awhile there. If I get any registrants for the blogging course I intend to send him/her/it a twee synthetic flower arrangement with many pink rosebuds and glitter, and a lovely Precious Moments figurine.

Flamewar B is, on the other hand, heating up nicely now that the subject of the blog post has learned to follow her trackbacks. One must be patient.

I hate to disappoint fans ) Hope you are all having fun setting the world to rights one pointless comment at a time. As i said to Rose – women in your country are REALLY being pimped. Why don’t you focus on ending that? Or is it easier to play let’s pretend online than to confront gangsters? ) x

Smilies: the unquestionable mark of a Dolores Umbridge.

I hate it when I snark about someone and they don’t even notice. It’s all good clean fun talking about people behind their backs, but nowhere near as much pure joy as the unbridled ecstasy that is making fun of them to their faces. It took her the better part of a week, but she finally caught on. Now, if only she’ll make the noob’s mistake of blogging about it and linking to us! I say it’s 60:40 she will.


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10 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: the Flamewar Situation

  1. Yeah but what I meant is that I would’ve love to read what you would have replied to the last posts, which you didn’t because the thread was closed.

    Man, I wasn’t clear in my first comment… blame it on those damn martinis… just following someone’s advise, you know?

  2. Can you mix me one, too? I can’t afford gin until the Paypal download hits the bank on Monday.

    PS, got an email from the boss. Here’s what he put at the end:



    P.S. I completely approve of your flame war with the Pimp My Daughter woman. Carry on.

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  4. Sure, I’ll mix you one for sure.

    BTW, there’s another flame war going in the thread that 21cfrpart11doc guy started. I’m actually enjoying that… Will that make me a famous person?

  5. I’m just hoping Mark doesn’t get pissed off and penalize us somehow.

    That guy in that thread is a clueless, malicious ass, but what IS it with the internet all of a sudden? Am I really more offensive than normal? And that guy in Flamewar A? I was being NICE to him! Whisky Tango Foxtrot?

  6. Oh I don’t think he would penalize us. I mean, the worst that can happen is that he closes the thread and tells us something like “Be nice” or “No flame wars please”… whatever.

    Whisky Tango Foxtrot?
    THAT was awesome!

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