eel be all right soon

You won't eel a thing

You won't eel a thing

Look, dude, just close your eyes and get it over with. It’ll all be over soon. You’re just lucky your friend is too stupid to understand his boss’s orders: normally, when they say “Sleep with the fishes” they don’t mean sleep, you know what I’m sayin’? And I’m not going to tell him.

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Happy Halloween from me, some Afghani kids, and Edgar Allan Poe


Afghani kids play in the Kart e Sakhi cemetery

Afghani kids play in the Kart e Sakhi cemetery


And now, a little something from the Wayback Machine: a 1928 film inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher.



Drive In Reality Theatre Peace Arch Crossing

Drive In Reality Theatre Peace Arch Crossing


Pretty nifty art, eh? Find out more about it at Wired. I think I liked it better when I thought it was a drive-in screen, but maybe I was just ….


Oh, if only my old computer George were still with us! Truly should George’s passage be mourned throughout the interwebs, for upon George is the only copy I have of one of my best short stories, one that would be a perfect addendum to this post, about a middling hypnotist who gets to do his routine in front of a very posh crowd for once in his life, slightly overreaches, and accidentally drives the entire group of Bilderbergers irrevocably insane.


As a replacement, please enjoy listening to this audiorecording of the somewhat absurd and extremely creepy Sticks, the only short story of Karl Edward Wagner‘s that I ever really liked (nice guy, but better editor than writer). Best listened to by candlelight, in a remote cabin in the woods.

Audio via

Dawn of the Ted

Not to be mistaken for the I’m-sure-all-very-well-in-their-own-way series of educational videos that have shamelessly bandwagon-jumped on this nomenclature.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Paris Hilton’s Bunny Hutch


Paris Hilton was in Donnie Darko? I don't remember that part.

Paris Hilton was in Donnie Darko? I don't remember that part. These remakes have gone too far.

imaj: Lolebrity
sorse: Fark

Mind you, if Jake Gyllenhaal is in this one too, I’d totally watch it. Some people wonder why Paris Hilton has a movie career, but think about it: House of Wax on DVD = $7 to watch Paris Hilton die!

And now, yes, your Gossip Links. It’s only three times a week, shut up!

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