Google buys YouTube for $1.65 bajillion

seriously, a bajillion and a half, plus

No shit. And the countdown begins to the black dawn when Sergey and Whatsisface will put YouTube on ice, as they’ve so long dreamed of doing. So much for all my lovely videos.

White ‘n Nerdy, we hardly knew ye.

things I have not found blogworthy recently

And here I thought I wasn’t jaded. Now that's what I call broadband!

  • the naked guy in the park on the night of the last full moon, who came out of the bushes to admire Hermione’s very snazzy blue scooter, but had to go back in shortly to protect his … I think it was a pot of gold?…something like that…from the “scary people you get around here.”
  • the contents of the grille around the base of a small maple tree on the sidewalk in Chinatown: eight cigarette butts, three needles, one syringe, several Chinese candy wrappers, three old lottery tickets.
  • the contents of the grille around the base of a small maple tree in Yaletown: eight cigarette butts, six with lipstick, and one Champagne cork.
  • the time we all had to evacuate the bus when the guy who had been talking about Dostoyevsky got up to give his seat to a woman with a baby and a rig fell out of his pocket.
  • the fact that the next vehicle with which I interacted was a Lamborghini, which made it all better.
  • the fact that the amazing healing powers of the Lamborghini have previously been unreported.
  • the peculiar incident of the dog in the night-time. And Nina. And the homeless guys. Long story…some other time, perhaps.
  • the fact that every Segway ever made turns out to be disastrously faulty and dangerous, so the Segway‘s been recalled. Just like the US 2004 election…oh, wait…

the ultimate blog posts

TIAThis is a clever strategy to promote your blog: tell anyone who will listen that you were a guest blogger on one of the most popular blogs, and given how pathetic the search boxes are on most of them, corroboration, if it existed, would be impossible to find anyway.

So Wired has done a handy-dandy list of the ultimate blog posts for each of the top blogs, sorta like that time I pitched the Province on the “single welfare foster mom of Aboriginal, dyslexic pit bull orphans wins lottery, gets impregnated by Brad Pitt, steals car from Surrey mall” story, and it shouldn’t be long now until she finally manifests and I can write the damn thing.

Ultimate blog post for raincoaster: Cthulhu rises from Rl’yeh, exposes Stephen Harper as an inhuman Fungi from Yuggoth and destroys him, all slavering right-wingers awake from their mind controlled walking comas, surviving Watergate Plumbers drop dead from the shock, worldwide communal anarchy is declared; the YouTube video (soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails, bonus appearance by the Monkees)

While blogging has only reached prominence in the last few years, it was actually invented by the ancient Romans who built a majestic blog in 200 BC from marble, granite and links they stole from the Greeks.

“Blog” itself is short for “weblog,” which is short for “we blog because we weren’t very popular in high school and we’re trying to gain respect and admiration without actually having to be around people.”

Creating your own blog is about as easy as creating your own urine, and you’re about as likely to find someone else interested in it…


Boing Boing: Crocheted replica of subway map cracks DRM on collection of old video games.

Kottke: Elwin Festerator is the unsung inventor of the curly telephone cord. “I looked at a straight telephone cord, and I asked myself, Elwin, why can’t that be curly? So I went out and got my brand-new curling gun, and I curled the hell out of it.” Related link: New Yorker article on the Olympic curling team.

Daily Kos: Bush caught in three-way with Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.

Little Green Footballs: Bush enjoys triumphant three-way with Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.

Gawker: Paris Hilton does pretty much anything.

Cute Overload: A kitten licks a puppy while the puppy licks a bunny.

Fleshbot: Same as Cute Overload, only with coeds.

MAKE blog: How to create a nuclear accelerator using a Flash drive, a Commodore 64 and a guy named Roger.

Metafilter: Unhelpful link text. Extra links added for padding that have little to do with the main topic of the entry. Are extremely loaded rhetorical questions the only thing that can save us now?

It’s a blog, Metafilterites. What do you think?

PSA: Pivot Exhibition and Public Vote to Choose Photo Contest Winners

A past winner 

Vancouver – Beginning Monday, September 11th, members of the public and residents of the Downtown Eastside will be able to see and vote for the winners of Pivot Legal Society’s 2006 Photography Contest.

This is the first time in the four-year history of the Downtown Eastside Photo Contest that members of the public will be able to make their opinions heard in the selection of the winning images.

In previous years, the winning photos were chosen by a panel of professional photographers.  This year, however, the panelists were restricted to creating a shortlist of the top 45 photos.  The final choices for First, Second, Third and Honourable Mention prizes will be determined by members of the public. 

In order to ensure the fairness of the election, voters must register as members of the Carnegie Centre in order to receive a ballot.  A membership in Carnegie can be purchased for $1, and includes access to a computer lab, billiards room, weightlifting room, gymnasium, library and senior’s lounge, as well as special events and ongoing educational and recreational programs such as yoga, pottery, music, and dance lessons.

The Exhibition and Voting for the winners of the 2006 Photo Contest will be held:

          Monday, Sept. 11 to Friday, Sept. 15
          11am to 5pm
          3rd Floor, Carnegie Centre
          401 Main Street, Vancouver

The results of the voting, and the winners of the contest will be announced in a public award ceremony to take place at Carnegie Centre on October 17, 2006.

Olbermann: the nexus of politics and terror

Keith Olbermann’s broadcast from August 14, 2006. Think about that timing, in light of subsequent events.

From the Youtube notes:

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann updated his top 10 list of occasions that the Bush Administration has gained political benefits around the same time that the public’s fear of terrorism was at a peak. Olbermann describes it as “The Nexus of Politics and Terror.”

In this video from last night’s broadcast, Olbermann includes the latest foiled terrorist plot in Britain with the newest edition of the “Nexus of Politics and Terror Top 10 List”. Olbermann concludes that if these occasions are more than just coincidences then, he says, “it underscores the need for questions to be asked in this country, questions about what is prudence and what is fear-mongering.”