Happy Balentines Day!

Stolen from April Winchell, but in the true spirit of raincoaster, from me to you: won’t you be my Balentine?

Happy Balentines Day!

Happy Balentines Day!

11 thoughts on “Happy Balentines Day!

  1. You’re just reaching puberty now? It wasn’t Pompeii, it was beneath the Coliseum and we gladiators and Centurions would joke about Greek procreation, Cleopatra and her asp, Nubian proclivities and that guy we crucified.

  2. Happy Balentine’s Day.

    Alas, since I’ve started having a lovelife again, I’m not as bitter and emo this February. Will I be able to rip out a new “why do I go on living” post this year in traditional fashion? Only the next 24 hours will tell!

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