Operation Global Media Domination: the Lolebrity Situation

TIA Yay! My baby took her first unassisted steps today.

Well, okay, I may have had an assist in there, but she got the goal all by her own self. I didn’t even notice till the second Gawker thread had 84 comments on it.

Previously, she’d been held up by my daily links from Ayyyy and the occasional act of charity from AgentBedhead, but this past week she’s gotten two links from CelebuWreck without my even begging or linkbaiting for them, so she’s starting to toddle along nicely for a baby, or so I thought.

Until today.

Until she hit a new high of 1662 1718 and counting, with 12.55 hours left in the day, thanks to the fact that (I think) Nick Denton doesn’t yet know I own lolebrity.

Referrer stats:

Referrer Views
gawker.com 207
gawker.com/5033577/wintour-daughter-s… 106
ayyyy.com 37
google.com/reader/view 9
wordpress.com 6
google.com/reader/view/?tab=my 5
agentbedhead.com/index.php/page/2 4
google.com/reader/view/?hl=en&ta… 3
ayyyy.com/category/britney-spears 2
ayyyy.com/page/3 2
ayyyy.com/page/2 2

I’m unsure whether it’s good to get a ton of hits just before I stick ads on it, thus inflating my going rate, or get them just after, thus assuring the ad company and clients of my worth; do I feel guilty or clever? Ah, this is always my dilemma!

Also: Double Gawker Media Whammy! direct link from Defamer today, stuck waaay down at the bottom of the post and good for exactly zero hits so far. I didn’t even link to the NYT, for which I got the “via”; I linked to Valleywag. Is there a Gawker internal spat going on that I don’t know about? I GOT on Facebook; what more do I have to do to get in the goddam fucking loop? Eh? I ask yez.

Raincoaster OfVancouver is on Facebook

I know, I know, I’ve blogged about Facebook warning you all about it, and what I said is true.


I talked Brian Atene into signing up on FB and it would look pretty stupid if I didn’t do it myself, eh? So, there I am.

Friend me. Operation Global Media Domination needs you.

And promise not to tell Lisanti that I came when I saw the add. Deal?

Married To The Sea


quiz: which WordPress.com forum volunteer are you?

TIA, yoAnother installment in the continuing adventures of  Operation Global Media Domination. I shall try not to let it go to my head.

I shall fail.

It’s time to play INSIDE BASEBALL!

Juan and sulz have been threatening us with something radical for some time now and while the smart money seemed to be on new CSS skins, it looks like they went in a completely unexpected direction, cooking up some quizzes that are hilariously revealing and very, very inside. Don’t worry if you don’t get them; it just means you have a life outside an open source technical help forum; there are worse fates.

Guess who I am?

Which WordPress.com Forum Volunteer Are You?

You are raincoaster!
You know quite a lot, and try to help as many with as little effort as possible, which may come across as curt. You would lengthen your replies considerably if you smell a forum fight, though, ‘cos it’s good for hits.

Take this quiz

Okay, this next one’s a bit off, but only because none of the moderators are snarky (except I have known Andy and Matt to get their backs up from time to time) so I had to pick random answers. I think it just has a Canadian Detector built in:

Which WordPress.com Forum Moderator Are You?

You are Trent!
It’s a challenge keeping a cheerful tone around a forum full of fit-throwing mad users, but you manage it and that’s why everybody loves you.

Take this quiz

This one, however, is probably going to be my eventual fate. Tick, tick, tick. But TT‘s not going to like being left out of this.

Which WordPress.com Forum Troll Are You?

You are the anti-WordPress troll!
You drop links in your posts like it’s going out of fashion tomorrow; it does help in your argument though. You are the reason for many of the closed threads. You would be associated with famous banned users such as wank, root and drmike.

Take this quiz

a history of violence

For those of you who’ve wondered if I ever sleep, of course I do, in the daytime. For those of you who’ve wondered how I’ve managed to survive everything that’s been thrown at me, perhaps this is a clue: I’m immortal.

Today was a lazy day for me, since I pre-posted all my paid blogging stuff for the weekend, so when someone on Gawker asked me about my past as an execution victim, I decided to type it out. Here, for what it’s worth, it is.

  • I didn’t remember who did it the first time, it was early days; I got executed for being too “me-too” as in, twice in a week Gawker had posted something and I posted a “yes, and there’s this” in the comments, with a link to something related.

    It was most enlightening: people who’d been nicey-nicey to me before piled on. Little did they know…

    Then I got fished out of the graveyard by a kind intern, came back and posted. Mohney executed me again, citing a rather arbitrary “48-hour rule”.

    Then I got fished out of the graveyard again by someone who shall remain nameless.

    I got executed at Gawker again for something. Don’t remember what, actually, but probably dropping too many links to my blog.

    Not that I would ever do such a thing.

    Then Defamer brought commenter executions on and I said it was my goal to be executed by every Gawker site, so they executed me. Then came resurrection again…

    Then I posted that getting executed by every site would mean I’d have to actually GO to Kotaku and Gizmodo, so Kotaku and Gizmodo both executed me. Not sure if that counts as once or twice.

    Again, I rose on the third day.

I’m relatively sure I got executed on a different Gawker media site as well, but I can’t remember what it was. Ah, well.

If you’ve got ten or fifteen hours to kill, go to that thread and play all the YouTubes: it’s a compilation of the best movie speeches of all time, and it’s over 300 comments now, most of them pretty awesome. Here’s my contribution and for those of you who may be wondering,


ah, Ken.

Run away with me and we’ll have a hundred little Irish babies who’ll kick Hollywood’s ass.

Pic O’ The Day: Wojtek Kwiatkowski

Stolen from Bridlepath!

Stolen from Bridlepath