Il Troubadore Klingon Music Project & Deserae the Bellydancing Wookiee

Yes, you read that right. Authentic Klingon Bellydance Music.

From their YouTube description:

Deserae dancing to an excerpt of the Shyriiwook Bellydance tune, “Muaarga” (Peace), as performed by the il Troubadore Klingon Music Project at the Viaduct Theater in Chicago (3 August 2012).

The Klingon Music Project is a real thing, as apparently is Deserae the bellydancing Wookiee and now they are both going viral. What can I say? She’s got the nous if not the Nad’s.

picture this

Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi

I’ve often wondered whether Nobel Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi would have risen to global fame (and a Nobel) if she hadn’t been beautiful. Yes, people think about these things. Well, you knew that. But some people talk about them, too, which is slightly more fraught.

John Molloy, the guy who wrote all those Dress for Success books in the early 80’s, said there was a greater correlation between the monetary success of Harvard grads and their height than there was between their success and their grades. We perceive good-looking people to be not just more attractive, but more intelligent, more diligent, and more moral than their homely peers. Those who listened to the Kennedy/Nixon debate on the radio felt Nixon had won, while those who saw it on television felt almost unanimously that Kennedy had trounced Richard “Flopsweat” Nixon.

And all this is not to say that she (and Kennedy, and those lanky Harvard grads) don’t deserve what they’ve gotten; it’s rather to say that beauty is power. And sometimes it’s hard not to resent that. While I’m glad to see it put to use for the cause of good here, how often has it been used to slip something by us that we should have stopped? How often, on the global stage, have we been desensitized and made victims by the presence of sheer physical beauty?

Today I don’t have any answers. I just hope I’m asking the right questions.

A Very Morbid Christmas from Calvin and Hobbes

While out on the lawn...

While out on the lawn...

It has recently come to our attention that since beginning our new gig at theDailyDot we have been lax in our usual seasonally-orientated postificationing of slightly altered Christmas Carol videos, Cthulhu references, and mashups. To make up for the deficit, here is the platonic ideal of a raincoaster Christmas blog post: a frosty, yet haunted tableau of the vast and twisted array of demented, cannibalistic snowmen created by that diminutive genius, Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes. And yes, it’s been thirty years.


Operation Global Media Domination: the Occupy Vancouver Situation

Octopi Vancouver

The Occupy Vancouver Media Domination Situation? Frankly, it sucks.

Occupy Vancouver sucks for hits, Google features nothing but page after page of mainstream media when you search for the term, and nobody in this town even seems to know I’m back from Yellowknife, let alone at Occupy Vancouver every other damn day/night. But that won’t stop me.

And it won’t stop me from boasting, either. Because I may not have the hits, but I have very glossy retweeters and atters, so there. I’ve lost the direct links to Neil Gaiman and William Gibson (once my favorite Starbucks customer), but that’s just because they talk almost as much as I do!

not to mention a hit-boosting RT of my article from OccupyVancouver and Bianca Jagger. Yes, THAT Bianca Jagger; how many do you think there are? She’s pretty awesome on Twitter, so I doubt the world could hold more than one.

I always say thank you, because I have fucking GREAT manners, bitchez.

and she has excellent manners as well:

And so, even though I spent 15 minutes of my Twitter for the Occupy Movement workshop telling people not to cultivate celebrities as a media strategy, it does make for a quick and popular (and validating) blog post. So, do as I tweet, not as I blog? Or something? It’s been a long day.

Speaking of Validation:

That’ll teach the Province to suggest I intern for them!

Occupy Vancouver Wednesday with Tom Morello

Tom Morello's back at OccupyVancouver Wednesday Oct 19

Tom Morello's back at OccupyVancouver Wednesday Oct 19

Here’s the livestream of Tom Morello‘s show at the Vogue which as I write this hasn’t started yet. He was going to perform a few songs at Occupy Vancouver, but then it started to pour and instead he said, “I’ll do something better: I’ll invite ALL OF YOU to my show at the Vogue tonight,” and so he did! Everyone lined up, got their name down on a list, and away they went to the Vogue. Livestream below.

Tom Morello wil Occupy Vancouver

Tom Morello wil Occupy Vancouver

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Not sure if the livestream will work, but what the hell, winging it is the name of the game.

Well, the livestream works, but it’s still live streaming, so until Occupy gets the concert video up, here’s a compilation: Morello’s first song at the concert and footage from both the concert and Occupy Vancouver.

Tom Morello, radically awesome musician and activist formerly of Rage Against the Machine, now solo as the Nightwatchman, addressed the crowd at Occupy Vancouver tonight. Here’s 57 seconds of him addressing the crowd, right up until my battery ran out. I’ll add the rest of the pix and videos as the night goes on. You can’t hear a word HE says, but you can hear the Human Mic, which is an amusing way to get the information. If you think “well, it’s not his real voice” reflect on the fact that an electronic microphone isn’t his real voice either, it just resembles it more.

When we arrived, someone had set up a green cord on the plaza and everyone was standing behind it, leaving about 30 feet empty in front of the stage where a couple of people were dancing to the drum circle that was going when I arrived. Strangely, no matter how many people arrived, people stayed behind it without anyone asking them to. An interesting example of default obedience to perceived rules, without ascertaining whether the rules even existed, never mind who put them in place.

Took the lazy way out and did a slideshow, so here it is:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

and here’s my favorite picture from tonight.

OccupyVancouver Wednesday Oct 19

My favorite pic from OccupyVancouver Wednesday Oct 19