Anger Management, with Kirk and Spock

Wolverine was a big hit on the Carnaval Cruise Line lido deck

Wolverine was a big hit on the Carnaval Cruise Line lido deck

I don’t know about you, but when I think about tips for managing those tricky adolescent hormonal and emotional firestorms, I think first of the cast of the original Star Trek. Here are Kirk and Spock starring in a Nerdy Instructional Film on the highly fraught topic of Anger Management.

No Mystery about this!

Look, bitches, I don't wanna HEAR about Team Mike, okay?

Look, bitches, I don't wanna HEAR about Team Mike, okay?

Let’s hope this is the last time someone asks me why I like MST3K (translation for civilians: Mystery Science Theater 3000, a science fiction television series featuring {as you can read above} a janitor who was shot into space in the Satellite of Love by evil scientists who torture him with the worst B films they can possibly find, in retaliation for which he built a number of robots [not just Tom and Crow] who were far better company than simple mortals, come on, admit it, you’re not as funny as Crow; hell, you’re not even as funny as Gypsy unless you’ve got a couple of drinks in you).

And Joel was, like, so way better than Mike. Mike was a “special needs lacrosse player” in a janitor’s uniform.

Behold, perhaps the greatest episode of television ever committed to YouTube: the Mr B Natural Episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000:



Drive In Reality Theatre Peace Arch Crossing

Drive In Reality Theatre Peace Arch Crossing


Pretty nifty art, eh? Find out more about it at Wired. I think I liked it better when I thought it was a drive-in screen, but maybe I was just ….


Oh, if only my old computer George were still with us! Truly should George’s passage be mourned throughout the interwebs, for upon George is the only copy I have of one of my best short stories, one that would be a perfect addendum to this post, about a middling hypnotist who gets to do his routine in front of a very posh crowd for once in his life, slightly overreaches, and accidentally drives the entire group of Bilderbergers irrevocably insane.


As a replacement, please enjoy listening to this audiorecording of the somewhat absurd and extremely creepy Sticks, the only short story of Karl Edward Wagner‘s that I ever really liked (nice guy, but better editor than writer). Best listened to by candlelight, in a remote cabin in the woods.

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Quiz: what kind of scientist would you be?

I’m pretty sure I’ve done one of these before, but that was from a different company; why would I be the same kind of scientist?

Mad Scientist

Though your chief goals are the somewhat contradictory aims to rule, and then destroy, the planet Earth, you have a strong grasp of the scientific principles of blowing up things (Explodology). Good luck and please have mercy.

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Well, this seems pretty dead-on.

Barack Obama’s terrorist connection

Sew What, Stephen? Carrell is cuter

Sew What are you saying?

Oh, sure, maybe he’s not a Muslin, but American President Barack Obama is a man with a shady past. Just check out his autobiography; whole MONTHS of his childhood are unaccounted-for. Well, we here at the ol’ raincoaster blog have dug deep, connected every connection, and yanked every chain in our unceasing hunt for The Troof! and now, here it is: video proof of Barack Obama‘s lifelong loyalty to perhaps the greatest enemy Peace on Earth has ever faced:

Marvin the Martian.