Gratuitous Question of the Day

Miley Cyrus would be thrown back by any self-respecting volcano

This one comes to us from Michael Usinger of the Georgia Straight:

Who would bring a toddler to Virgin Fest?

Just a question–who drags a toddler to these things?

The answer is obvious: ask any Aztec. You can’t have a virgin festival without a single virgin! It’s probably a City of Vancouver licensing requirement.

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The Real Secret: the greatest motivational video of all time

Yes, boys and girls, it’s our old favorite Brian Atene back with another masterwork. This simple, thirty-second video, entitled “Do You Wish It?may be, nay, IS, the most powerful motivational talk in all of recorded YouTube.

Pour yourself a tumbler of something bracing, keep the Kleenex handy, and set phasers to awesome!

How to make tennis interesting

Like this!

Married To The Sea

Married To The Sea on making tennis more interesting

Things to Remember

important life lesson

I knew I was doing something wrong.

Note To Self

re: wearing low-cut dresses:

Be careful when you wipe off the sweat. The normal rules do not apply.

Well, they apply. But people will stare. And then they will ask you for drinks.

I post this in case I forget. I got about three steps past the Alberni Street Liquor Store when some guy offered, “Brewsi?”

I walked past.

“That’s okay,” he said. “I’m a snob, myself.”