What Would Jesus Do?

Probably bail him out, the softie! Then again, he might be busy taking Dad to his parole hearing.

Authorities began investigating God… in April, and he was arrested on Saturday.

Where is your god now?

From NBC30:

South Windsor police arrested Almighty Supremebeing Allah on drug charges…Almighty Supremebeing Allah, who lives in West Hartford, was accused of cocaine possession with intent to sell.

West Hartford, Connecticut? Huh. I’d have lost a bet.

But wait! Jesus can’t do anything! Jesus is missing!

Missing: One 45-kilogram concrete statue of Jesus.

Colchester County RCMP are asking for the public’s help to find the missing statue, stolen from a cemetery in Middle Stewiacke, just outside Truro.

Don’t worry. A lot of people have faith that Jesus will return.

Osama Bin Laden parties with pagans in the Eighties

George Clooney then and now

Well, who doesn’t have a few embarrassing party pix or yearbook photos from the Eighties, eh? Why should Osama Bin Laden, who rocked the bell bottoms and turtleneck look as hard as anyone in the Seventies, escape this universal fate?

Turns out that during the Eighties he was living with the Kalasha tribesmen of the Chitral region of Pakistan, a strangely timeless Asiatic tribe documented by Wilfred Thesiger.

Chitral is also the home of the Kalasha, a unique pagan civilization that’s lived in the area for 2,000 years or more, now boxed in by an increasingly militant Islam. Thinly populated, Chitral covers 5,800 square miles, with war-torn Afghanistan to the north and west and the extremist strongholds of Swat and Dir to the south.

According to locals, bin Laden lived with a Kalasha family in Chitral for some time during his first Afghan jihad, against the Soviet Union in the 1980s. With his now much more severe ideology, the al Qaida leader wouldn’t be able to easily live among these polytheistic people, whose men and women mix freely…

Kalasha women also don’t cover, so was OBL covering his eyes the entire time? I doubt that.
And now he wants to fight polytheists? Osama Bin Laden: demeaning Islam in leaps in and bounds.

Hey, old habits die hard. I mean; did you SEE him in that turtleneck?

an invitation

Get a WordPress.com ID and pile on. Pick on me, pick on them, I don’t care. Just pick on somebody. It’s a good day for hair on the walls:

Obama = Liberal Guilt?

Only reason anyone would vote for this guy is out of white guilt, or they secretly want a black dick in their ass. Seriously a vote for this guy might as well be a surrender to the terrorist vote.

Posted: Sunday, June 8th, 2008 at 3:20 am

4 Responses to “Obama = Liberal Guilt?”

  1. muslimssuck Member June 8th, 2008 at 3:30 am

    I agree with you on that one. Who the hell are these liberal morons (fascist) that refuse to listen to the facts? They just say, “Wow he is black” I’m voting for him. After all he is half and half, but it is better for his gain to be black. All I can say about this cat is he is very dangerous and will put this country into a position it may never return from. These liberals love to be told what to do (hence the fascist statement earlier), they think Bush and his crew have messed things up, wait till this dumb ass gets elected. As far as I am concerned he is a terrorist and should be put into prison. I also like how he copied the speeches from earlier presenters.

    I think it basically boils down to the red diaper dopper babies doing what they do best.

  2. raincoaster Member June 8th, 2008 at 3:38 am

    Could you PLEASE put this on a blog post and stop burdening the vividly multi-national forums with it?
  3. obamaosama Member June 8th, 2008 at 3:39 am

    Raincoaster, why do you hate America, and free speech? Oh yeah, you secretly crave the fascist big black cock?
  4. raincoaster Member June 8th, 2008 at 3:40 am

    Because it’s got people like you in it?

Teddy Teacher Gillian Gibbons Finally Freed!

(God, I love alliteration!)

Gillian Gibbons

Controversial expat British teacher Gillian Gibbons, who was jailed in Khartoum for allowing her pupils to name a teddy bear “Muhammad,” is to be freed, having been granted a presidential pardon.

The Guardian has the hairy details:

The breakthrough came after a meeting between two British Muslim peers, Lord Nazir Ahmed and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, with Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir.

Lord Ahmed said al-Bashir had agreed to pardon the teacher.

Allah BearAsked whether Gibbons had been pardoned, a presidential adviser told Reuters: “Definitely, yes.”…

Reacting to the news, Khalid al-Mubarak, of the Sudanese embassy in London, said: “Congratulations. I am overjoyed.

“She is a teacher who went to teach our children English and she has helped a great deal and I am very grateful. What has happened was a cultural misunderstanding, a minor one, and I hope she, her family and the British people won’t be affected by what has happened.

There is, at this time, no word on whether the Americans now intend to place her in custody for referring to the problematic plush in question as a Teddy Bear.

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SFW Viagra demonstration

No, really. Safe for work, even if you work in Saudi Arabia. Necessity (necessitated by strict religious laws) is the mother of invention…but who is the father? We may never know, but it’s pretty likely that he used this stuff, which is reportedly the second-best-selling pharmaceutical in Saudi Arabia.

found at Bakascorner via Finestkind Clinic and Fishmarket