Minimum Wage Employee of the Year: This Dude

spinning dog

Spin Dawg was one of the best scratchers we'd ever heard

I had no idea this was even a thing, let alone a steady job with a national competition. Ladies and gentlemen, Little Caesars Sign Spinning:

This is what I do on a daily bases trying to earn money for college.

I hope he made enough to go to the college of his choice, and I hope the young lad managed to take some English classes while he was there.

You can see more of these poor, desperate, whirling dervishes at Buzzfeed.

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Your Rainbow-Coloured, Sixties-Themed Unicorn Chaser

that's how Lucky Charms gets its magical deliciousness

With an intro like that, what can this fabulous, magical Unicorn Chaser possibly be? Well, when looking for a unicorn chaser there are few key elements any savvy consumer should check for:

  • Unicorns. Obv.
  • Rainbows
  • The Funny. Always needs to have The Funny
  • Cute, unthreatening guys
  • music, particularly poppy, vaguely druggy Sixties music
  • velour. Lots and lots of velour. Bell bottoms and pukka shell necklaces if you got ’em. Flower headbands are bonus points, particularly on the guys. What? I’M SERIOUS!

What does this add up to? That’s right: MONKEES!

Consequently, when I ran across the following on YouTube, I knew I had to have it. Not only are the Monkees themselves absolutely made all of the things above except possibly unicorns (I’ve never placed them in a pentagram and spoken the Words of Command, so I just don’t know) but this video is a satire, one of the Literal Video versions in which the subtitles and redubbed vocals (hey, that’s a pretty good Davy, but the chorus can’t carry a tune in a lolrus bukkit) simply narrate what is actually going on in the video. The greatest of these, of course, is the Bonnie Tyler “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” itself a high water mark of musical geniositosnouss. While this much simpler video does not reach those heights, depths, or whatevers, it’s still fun and cute and hey, I still dance better than Davy ever did, so GO ME, right?


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why I don’t work for corporations anymore

Those goddamn “morale-boosting” job reviews. Like this one: (Oh, definitely, definitely NSFW unless you work someplace just as bad already)

This post sponsored by my sense of outrage at one woman’s request to dumb down the internet for the sake of her nine-year-old, who certainly knows those words already and probably wouldn’t be shocked by the news that Mommy doesn’t control the whole world, although Mommy might.

Also: not the first time we’ve dealt with this.

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Latest U2 Video! Exclusive!

Yes, we at the ol’ raincoaster blog have a world exclusive, the very latest from the greatest rock band the Universe has ever seen except maybe the Beatles and don’t give me that Rolling Stones crap, you just say that because you wanted to sleep with Keef when you were a tween.

Behold, the very latest U2 video, Check Out My Pubes:

Lyrics: Continue reading

WordCamp Whistler Somewhat Scrambled Liveblog/Livestream

Wordcamp Whistler is indeed live! See the stream at Whoops, looks like we’ve run out of storage again, we’ll be back live as soon as we register yet another user account. UPDATE: We’ve got our third account today on Livecast:

WordCamp Whistler A Team

(image courtesy Miss604)

April, Peter and I are up at the beautiful (no, really it is) Fairmont Chateau Whistler, preparing to livestream the presentations. You can see pictures from the unconference here on Flickr.

WordCamp Whistler is a full day of workshops about WordPress, a leading blog platform. We’re here courtesy of the organizers, Duane and Rebecca, who’ve kindly waived the registration fee. And we got some excellent swag: WordCamp Whistler toques FTW!

Tris Hussey has loaned us his flipcam, for regular video, and we’ve got an HTC Touch phone to do livestreaming, once the presentations begin.

Livestreamed video is available once now at thanks to our Whistler partners, who left the phone signed in to their account!

UPDATE: our second livestream is up, here:

Since the internet wasn’t working for the conference room until a few minutes ago, this saved us enormous amounts of time.

If you’ve got a question for one of the WordCamp speakers, put it in the comments here:

We’ve brought a bit of the Downtown Eastside improv style with us, as you can see. Also, April used Scotch tape to connect the HTC Touch to the tripod; Lorelle complimented us on “keeping it real.”

We will be adding pictures and more video as the day goes on, so keep checking this post for updates. See you in about an hour?

Here is Rebecca’s post about our workshops today.

Right now, Lorelle is doing her presentation on power tools for WordPress. Good stuff! I wish some of this stuff worked in Drupal, too!

Lorelle’s presentation has finished, and we’re setting up for Dale’s preso next, so the livestream is interrupted because, well, nothing is going on live right now.

Oops, here we go again. Check the above link for more livestreaming.

We got a little livestream vid of Dave Olson over lunch, just as he requested. Follow the discussion live on Twitter: FearlessCity on Twitter.

Now Tris Hussey is teaching us how to build a WordPress blog in a day or less.

Now on our third user account at Livecast, we’re livestreaming a presentaton from 6s Marketing on SEO, talking about plugins and optimization.

Our own April won the WordPress tattoo contest for Most Creative Placement of a Free WordPress Tattoo. Egged on by Lorelle, who ruled out only pastie-placement, April left the competition in the dust with the triad of back of the neck, cleavage, and boobies. Yes, boobies. If there’d been three prizes, I think she would have won all three.