Partying with raincoaster

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is raincoaster herself, in the flesh (or at least in the disguise my alien leaders gave me when I undertook this mission – but enough of that!). This was last week’s Yaletown Tweetup at Capone’s with Hummingbird604, GreggScott, GusF (in the video), GusF’s partner who shall remain nameless till he tells me it’s okay to use his real name, Shahee of, and our cameraman, the mysterious, multilingual TheDarkerSide.

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Shatner Serenades Cetaceans

William Shatner sings to whales.

Don’t ask me. I just blog this stuff.

So, is that what you call a podcast?

Fearless City Mobile at the Heart of the City and mobile online!

cross-posted from FearlessCity, just so you know what I’ve been doing with all my copious spare time recently. And a damn good thing, too, because with all the extra exposure that site is up and down like a toilet seat.

As most of our readers know, Fearless City Mobile was all over the Heart of the City Festival this past weekend, streaming live video interviews and interacting with people all over the Downtown Eastside, incorporating their texted questions into the interviews as they came in.

As some of you also know, interest in our coverage of the closing gala was so intense that it temporarily overwhelmed our servers and our site had to go for a little “time out.” While that’s flattering, it’s also a bit of a problem.

Fortunately, because the internet IS, in fact, a web and not just a series of straight lines, we were able to work around it.

I was at home on Twitter, bouncing between the FearlessCity account and my own (because I have no life) and Irwin was in Ottawa and on Facebook when the site went down.

Irwin had used his phone to take a video of OUR streaming videos on his laptop, and he posted it to Facebook and put that news out on his Twitter stream.

I saw that and immediately emailed him, telling him to put it on YouTube (yes, I know the quality sucks, but at least YouTube is wide open to the public, whereas Facebook is restricted). He did, and once it was posted I put the news out on the Fearless City Twitter stream. Then I signed out, signed into my raincoaster Twitter stream, and re-tweeted it (don’t laugh, that’s what it’s called!) and Irwin put the news out on his stream as well. That makes a total of about 400 people who got the news within a half-hour of the whole thing happening.

The video became, if memory serves, the 68th most viewed Canadian video in the Arts & Activism category, but it only has two comments, so what are you waiting for?

And here it is:

Three scenes captured with Nokia N77 mobile devices streaming to the Mobile Muse 3 platform and projected on a live screen at the Closing Gala of the Heart of the City Festival in the Downtown Eastside. Also streamed to and archived on
At the live screen people were able to send txt msgs to the 3 interviewed subjects.
(The audio on this video switches between all three channels.)
Nov 9, 2008

Brian Atene: the backstory

This is his best yet, although it is entirely lacking in that trademark zany WTF-ness we’ve come to know and love (?). If you’ve ever wondered what was the point of Brian Atene, grab a bottle of Coppola Rosso and watch this. And not just because he namechecked me!

Ah, he took it down AGAIN: embedding disabled by request. Oh, fine, BE that way. Here’s the link:

mo’ momo: so you feel like shit

See, this is why you shouldn’t mess with Canadians. Because not only did we popularize the concept of brutality in team sports (there’s no “I” in “ICU!” Oh, wait…Canadians say “I” will put “U” in intensive care, “C?”) but our motivational speakers don’t natter on about lathering your positive vibes over the pectorals of the Universe or scattering the rose petals of your dreams on the cosmic winds. They just straight-out tell you what to do when you feel like shit.

Canucks do not mess around. If we’d had momo during the War of 1812, our Foreign Minister and his biker chick would be enduring CSIS‘s interrogations from their private quarters in the White House.